CoreCommunity Spotlight: Fitzsu

This week in the CoreCommunity Spotlight, we introduce you to CoreCommerce customer Fitzsu. Started by the husband and wife team of Fitz and Su, this company sells home and personal accessories with a modern touch. Learn more about this unique store from Fitz himself!

Why did you decide to open an online store?

My wife Su and I started a brick and mortar retail store based on a shared passion for design, art and architecture in 2000 first, before eCommerce really had any momentum. Quickly, it became apparent to us that a presence on the internet had to become part of our marketing mix, so we started with a small online store and, over time and after several revisions, it has grown to become the site you see today. One strong impetus was to compete for wedding registries; and the younger generation of couples were starting to ask how their friends from all over the USA were going to be able to purchase gifts for them. Big box stores were putting their registries online, so we had to make it happen too.

Tell us about your business

I am co-owner of, an online and by-appointment design shop. Fourteen years in the making, a shared passion with my partner Su for new design in objects and architecture cultivate what is now the Living Design Store, a creative and interactive exploration of the objects we live with and sell. We collaborate with interior designers, architects, estate managers, home-owners and individuals to provide home and table accessories including dinnerware, flatware, glassware and decorative objects to fit their personal modern style. Our studio is a creative experiment where we engage in projects that test and explore the products we sell and expand our personal imagination. Our website is unique in that we are the personality behind the selection of products we sell. Our customers come to our site to buy or register for their wedding, because they share in our aesthetic and trust in our curatorial selection. They can see who we are, what we are up to and how we are engaged with what we offer. We create a personal shopping experience where our customers do not only shop on our website but have on offline relationship with us as well through a dialog that we invite. The Living Design Store |

How has CoreCommerce‘s eCommerce platform helped you to achieve success? Core Commerce‘s ability to integrate with a sophisticated wedding platform is highly helpful. We can have no mistakes in our tracking of gift purchases and handling of their delivery. The flexible design abilities allowed us to create our own identity online that separates us from our competitors. Easy downloads and uploads reduce time in making price and product changes. Having a hosted site with CoreCommerce has freed our time to focus on our relationships and creativity.


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