CoreCommunity Spotlight: Birch Hill Happenings

This week’s CoreCommunity Spotlight looks at Birch Hill Happenings, a self-described complementary health business. Penny Keay, manager of the business, told us a little more about the company.

birch hill happenings

Why did you decide to open an online store?

After studying to be an Aroma therapist, we were asked if we sold essential oils. We figured it would be a great way to help our clients by providing them with pure Therapeutic oils. But in our local area, we could not make it be cost effective. We decided that if we sold online, we might eventually be able to make a living.

We wanted to sell our products to folks around the USA, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand. By having an online store, our products are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. This is a big plus. We do not want a ‘brick & mortar’ store where we would have to pay folks to ‘man’ it. And we are able to make a comfortable living.

Tell us about your business

We are a supplier of 100% Pure Essential oils and synergy blends. We carry aromatherapy supplies for use in massage, room scenting and more. We also provide Aromatherapy consultations via e-mail as we are Certified Aromatherapists. We carry unscented products for those folks that cannot tolerate ‘scents’ or are sensitive to multiple chemicals. Our natural plant based products are sought after by those that seek natural products. Even though there are just two of us, we are able to provide customer care that folks can rely on when they order from us.


How has CoreCommerce‘s eCommerce platform helped you to achieve success?

This shopping cart has helped immensely. The time spent when adding or updating our product line has been greatly reduced. Having several hundred different items that need descriptions and information and the ability to make changes quickly is another plus. Having a PCI compliant store is necessary in today’s internet commerce and CoreCommerce has taken this as serious as we do.

There are so many great features that I rely on to help keep our customers informed. Adding photos, descriptions, making price changes, offering coupons, other discounts are very easy for anyone to do. You do not need to know how to write HTML (although I know basic html coding). I’m still new to using several of the features, but over the next few years – I’m sure I’ll put more to use.

What additional information would you like to include?

We are not new to having an internet based business or shopping cart. We have had an internet presence since 1997 for our Aromatherapy supplies. With today’s constant updates and customer security threats we needed to find a Shopping Cart and host that would help us to remain a safe and reliable shopping experience for our large customer base.

We are very glad we choose CoreCommerce and hope to continue to use their service for years to come.

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