CoreCommerce launches new software version 9.3.00 featuring email improvements and new responsive themes

CoreCommerce, creators of the popular e-commerce software by the same name, has released version 9.3.00. One of the primary focus areas for this software release is email deliverability. E-commerce sites require reliable email on a day to day basis, for sending out order confirmations, newsletters, and other essential emails to their customer base. All emails sent through the CoreCommerce system now go through Mandrill, a leading email infrastructure service created by MailChimp. CoreCommerce customers get faster delivered emails and 100 percent SMTP uptime through this service, ensuring that every email from customer welcome to sales confirmation is delivered to its intended recipient. Customers using their own SMTP servers will continue to use these servers.

CoreCommerce has continued focusing on responsive e-commerce design by adding three new responsive themes to the service:

Kidz Zone

Responsive themes help CoreCommerce clients provide a cohesive, unified look across all platforms that their customers experience when accessing stores through their computers and mobile devices. Responsive designs adapt to the screen size of the viewing device, as opposed to pulling up an entirely new version of the site optimized for mobile viewing. CoreCommerce was one of the first e-commerce software solutions to incorporate responsive themes into its service, and it continues to display a drive for increased usability and future proofing for its clients.

Another template related improvement is the custom shipping field token for the admin packing slip template. Once a client adds this token to their packing slip template, it displays any custom shipping fields the client may wish to add. This flexibility allows a CoreCommerce client to make their templates their own.

CoreCommerce has added backend adjustments that help clients track their sales and customer data. The orders now have a configurable option for custom order number prefixes and suffixes. This helps CoreCommerce clients customize their order number outputs to their preferences. CoreCommerce also added a new section to the best seller report metric, the sales column. Finally, category editing allows the client to choose specific customer groups to add to a particular category.

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