Finding eCommerce Software That Works

Small, medium and big businesses have successfully leveraged their Internet presence into viable online stores to promote their brand and create an additional income stream. To get to this point, it is crucial for a business to establish a dynamic website, using ecommerce software to attract the right kind of traffic with a high conversion potential. While traditional brick and mortar models are not going away anytime soon, recent trends have shown that digital marketing is where businesses have to go big or go home.

The Case for Online Marketing

A survey conducted by Grant Thornton, a business advisory and audit firm, found that companies who had not yet ventured into online sales showed profit margins averaging 13.3 percent compared to 17.7 percent for companies who had ramped up marketing efforts to include online platforms.

ecommerce holidays Is your ecommerce site ready for the holiday rush?

An online site extends your marketing reach, overcoming barriers of distance. With a well-designed site, you can sell to a wider geographic area without the set-up and operational costs of physical sites. You can also expand into international markets without establishing distributorships or franchises.

Online sites are efficient because they operate 24/7, making it possible for customers to access the site at their convenience regardless of time zone differences. Maintenance costs are minimal compared to operational costs of a physical location.

Building a Successful Online Store

An ecommerce site builder program can help businesses create their online store based on self-defined parameters. Customizable and scalable, the program should provide a seamless process of designing the framework and setting up the basic elements of an interactive website.

Ecommerce software should take into account the types of products that will be marketed on the site. Physical goods can be sold online and shipped to buyer-specified locations. In the same manner, digital goods can be bought and sold online. These products include downloadable music, music maker software, books, movies, and software applications.

Choosing Ecommerce Software

With the rise of online marketing, there are numerous site-building software to choose from, each with its own advantages and special features. Evaluate these choices based on your own company’s actual needs. Here are some important questions to ask.

Does the software offer a comprehensive e-commerce solution?
The best site-builder option would be one that provides hosting, web design packages and professional services. Look for onboard features that will help you manage your inventory, process payment and generate useful reports so that you can see how the business is doing.

How stringent are the security features?

Your online store never closes - so it needs to be secure 24/7. Your online store never closes – so it needs to be secure 24/7.

These days, data security can make or break a company’s reputation. Assess the security features of the site-building software prior to making a commitment. Aside from exceeding Secure Sockets Layer or SSL standards, determine what form of fraud protection is bundled into the software. Ecommerce sites rely on SSL encryption to protect sensitive data exchanged to facilitate online payment processing.

Is the interface user friendly?
The software should be easy to navigate for you and for visitors. Site maintenance should be hassle free with minimal site downtime.

What marketing tools are included?
The toolkit should include a marketing toolkit that will allow you to run loyalty programs, affiliate programs and track customer rewards. The ability to post daily deals or special sales to complement your marketing efforts will help your site gain traction.

How much storage space is provided, and how much do you need?
Your storage space requirements will depend on the size of your inventory and the type of images used in the catalog. High-definition images take up more space and require high-bandwidth capacity to download.

The CoreCommerce Solution

The ecommerce software offered by CoreCommerce is a comprehensive package of features, all of which are available regardless of the plan. Differences between plans have to do with storage caps and bandwidth, but in all cases, CoreCommerce delivers on security and usability metrics.

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