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Core Commerce is a reliable, customizable SaaS eCommerce platform offering personalized service and support and evolving, on-trend technological capabilities. Like our customers, we are driven by creative passion and the personal pride we place in our business.

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CoreCommercenew product releases

Migration to AWS is complete, enhancing hosting services

During August we converted all our clients from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services (AWS). For most clients, this process was not noticeable and did not create any downtime or disruption. For others, some effort on your part was required to point your DNS or A record to AWS. Some clients experienced a sluggish Admin or even some downtime as we had a certain server giving us some issues, which we have since resolved. In any technical conversion that is a risk of unforeseen circumstances and for those that had an issue, I apologize.  

Signifyd – 100% guaranteed fraud protection for eCommerce

Risk is part of doing business when selling online, but you can reduce your risk from chargebacks by subscribing to Signifyd, a partner of CoreCommerce. Signifyd gives you a 100% guarantee to pay you back for any chargebacks (plus chargeback fees and shipping costs) from approved orders and they have industry leading approval rates.  Save time in the back office from doing research on customers, you can trust Signifyd’s data. 

GDPR & Privacy – Ready for the EU changes

We have the changes in place for our clients and your customers, enhancing privacy to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This includes the ability to download and view personal data that may be stored, and the ability to erase the personal data. A cookie notification bar is also available for you to activate, notifying your customers and gaining their consent for the use of cookies. A full description of the steps we have taken and the screenshots are located in the email we sent our clients…. http://email.corecommerce.com/GDPR-rollout

New Product Releases For Summer!

Summer is here! For some of you, business has ramped up during the hotter months, and for others, the summer season perhaps provides a much needed opportunity to recharge in preparation for the rapidly approaching holiday season. Here at CoreCommerce, we have been working hard to build new relationships with eCommerce solutions partners and develop our product to keep pace with constantly evolving eCommerce technology.