Business without rules – rules you can not follow

Successful entrepreneurs very often conduct “business without rules. And for good reason! Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are people who “play by their own rules. Let’s get one thing straight – “business without rules” is not breaking the law, as many would think. That is why I have divided the rules into two groups:

  • Rules that must be followed.
  • Rules that may not be followed.
Business without rules

Rules that must be followed

In many publications, both printed and online, established businessmen share their experiences, citing their own classification of the principles of a successful business. Each of them has his own view of entrepreneurial activity, but all of them have reached the heights in their business, observing the basic, so-called golden rules of business. 

It is important to note that the article talks about the rules that are not legal requirements and can be ignored, and those that should be observed by all entrepreneurs as law-abiding citizens is a matter of course. We will talk more about unwritten laws, but to comply with the law and fulfill their obligations also need and easier to do it with pay stub template form.

This group includes all laws and regulations governing businesses passed by the legislature or government.

I realize that they are not always on point and even seem illogical at times. Nevertheless, in order for your business to be safe and able to grow long-term, you simply must comply with the laws.

Rules you may not have to follow

Business without rules does have a place at times. Rules in principle should be followed, and I’m not urging you to disobey anyone or anything, but there are rules that can and sometimes should be ignored. Sometimes I tend to think that there really are rules to break. There are rules in this set that are simply made up by someone (they may be good for a particular case, in a particular business), and rules that inhibit business development and employee creativity.

For example, an entrepreneur often unconsciously, in order to maintain order and discipline in his enterprise, adopts rules that also apply to the people responsible for new ideas and innovations. Thus, it slows down the development of his business.

Some thoughts on business without rules

1. Rules reduce the ingenuity of the entrepreneur.

2. Rules can prevail and the entrepreneur ceases to be an entrepreneur because you start dealing with rules more than ideas and results.

3. Rules consume time and energy.

4. Rules give the impression that you just need to maintain the status quo in business rather than grow and evolve.

5. Rules create habits that get in the way of business improvement.

6. Rules make work routine and boring.


In conclusion, I want to say that it should not be allowed to work without any rules, but as an entrepreneur, you must be sure of what would be the right thing for your business in a particular situation so that you will succeed in your business and achieve success.

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