Black Friday: From the Eyes of The Consumer

Once isolated in popularity to the U.S., Black Friday is turning into a worldwide holiday. With online shopping becoming more and more popular, your website now has the opportunity to not only gain more widespread recognition but also become more profitable as well. However, it also means that you’ll have a lot of competition. That’s why it’s beneficial to change midframe and transition from the role of a business owner to the role of a consumer. By analyzing a customer’s patterns and habits, you will be able to create and execute a successful Black Friday plan for your business. We’re going to give you a few tips that will help prep your business and clue you into what consumers consider when shopping for the holidays.

Stand Out From Competition-

Most people can browse various shops at once all without ever leaving their beds, and because of this, your website needs to stand apart from all the rest. A couple of key features most consumers look for is easy navigation, aesthetics, and content. If you want your website to be the one people buy their Black Friday goods from, despite having various tabs open with various websites, then it’s crucial to have those simple features first. If you need help with this, try browsing for companies that will help you create and manage the perfect website.

Include an Interactive App-

Some people may be hesitant to shop for certain items online. Being able to touch an item before spending money on it is important. However, don’t let that hesitation be the reason why people don’t buy from your business. Increase your customer experience by creating an interactive app that allows people to get in-depth visuals of the item they want and give them insight into how it will look on them or around their home. Some companies like Bob’s Discount Furniture, provide a 3D room designer that allows people to create their ideal home by placing necessary household items like sofas around the room of their choosing. While other companies like Empire VisionWorks, allow you to upload pictures of yourself to see what glasses will look best on you. It’s giving people the try before you buy experience all without ever having to touch the product. 

Competitive Shipping-

You may also want to reevaluate your shipping prices during this holiday season. Many people hate paying for shipping and it can determine if they go to your shop or someone else’s. Shipping may not seem like a big deal but during Black Friday, a time when people are expecting deals, it can be detrimental to your site. Also, keep in mind that there’s always going to be a shop that sells similar products as yours; meaning people have an abundance of shops to choose from and if your shipping prices and options aren’t better than the next site’s, then you’ll be overlooked. However, we understand not everyone is able to offer free shipping. Don’t worry if this is you, even lowering your usual shipping price subtly can stand out and set you apart from the competition. There are many online tools that can help you determine the best shipping prices for your site. 

Secure Checkout Options-

Due to phishing scams and privacy violations, it’s reasonable that people have feelings of hesitation when shopping online, especially when it isn’t from a well-known retailer. Consumers are wary when online shopping and becoming more cautious when choosing what sites they shop at. Still, you shouldn’t let that discourage you, especially when, according to CNBC, there has been a steady increase in online shopping over the years. To ease some of the innate fear consumers have, make sure you have secure and easy checkout options. Having a safe and secure way for them to pay for their items is crucial, as it lets the customer know that the site their shopping on is legit. It will also, hopefully, make them want to purchase products from your business in the future. 

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