Black Friday 2021 – How to Spot the Best Deals Online

Black Friday - shopping

It’s the festive time of the year again! The world dresses up in the glory of Christmas while the shoppers of the world enjoy their very own paradise called Black Friday! If you are one such crazy shopper and are looking for some cost-efficient yet branded shopping items, Black Friday is the time for you. But wait, what is Black Friday?! 

Black Friday 2021 

Black Friday is celebrated on a Friday that comes right after the Thanksgiving festival. Like every year, black Friday 2021 has some awesome deals for the shoppers that are sure to drive you crazy. With the entire last year spent in our gloomy indoors, the festivities in 2021 are coming up to be even bigger and better. Do you know what that means? Bigger discounts and better brands! 

Almost all the shops in western countries celebrate Black Friday with unending flat discounts. There are so many deals with no deposit bonus that it is almost impossible to miss one. However, why settle for just any deal when you can have the best of them all? Here are ways to Spot the Best Deals Online for the black Friday sale!

  1. Regular tab on Ads and Apps

You need to have a regular tab on all the advertisements in newspapers or flyers up in your area. This will give you an idea about the discounts in your area. For all the other places around your area, you can install some free mobile applications. There are a lot of apps like ShopSavvy or Flipp which allow you to check deals and discounts from any area of your choice. These are friendly for both android and IOS software so you don’t need to worry. With these, you will always be able to find a lot of deals from which you can pick the best ones! 

You might also receive personal text messages from local companies that you have already purchased from. This is part of the Black Friday text campaign. Such texts ask you to reply with a one word answer like ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ which is their code. These will get you in line for store credits or discounts. Make sure to save these texts and get ready for further research! 

  1. Compare prices 

Well, you might find quantity but we are looking for quality! Don’t just hop on board with the cheapest discount you find. Pay attention to the terms and conditions as they also sometimes catch you in a dilemma. Find the most flexible terms which require a less amount of minimum purchase and have a great discount. For this same purpose, you can also use different apps and websites like PriceGrabber and Price Cruncher which allow you to compare two or more deals. They have different methods of calculation inbuilt and they will tell you the best amongst your selected deals. 

  1. Well informed well in advance! 

Don’t start your search on the day of Black Friday! If you are to find and grab the best of the deals, you need to start scouring through websites and advertisements at least a month prior! Also, make sure that you search about the kind of brands that are offering discounts and only for trusted ones. Sometimes you might find faulty pieces during sales and to avoid that the best thing to do is research! 

  1. Shh… Special discounts! 

Okay, so here is a pro tip that you will not find anywhere. There are even more special discounts on the already existing black Friday discounts. Yes, discount on discount! There is a special discount called the early bird discount which allows you to purchase at even greater discounts provided you shop on particular dates and times. There are also special midnight discounts and night owl discounts where if you shop online / in-store during the early morning of Black Friday, then you are eligible to get even greater discounts. Keep a lookout for such deals as well and make sure to include them in your list and set reminders for the given time slots. 

  1. Keep proof 

If you are going local while shopping and are referring to newspaper advertisements and actual flyers or pamphlets, you might want to collect them. Sometimes, even if the stores are offering discounts, they will expect you to produce proof of the exact kind of product you are talking about. This will not matter when looking for any bigger brands, it is especially for shopping locally. 


Start your preps as soon as possible because it is surely not as easy as it seems. Black Friday sales are a shopper’s paradise but that also means that all the shopping experts are out there with their binoculars looking for discounts. Follow these tips and you are sure to reach the treasure you seek! Happy holidays! 

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