Beyond Mobile Responsive eCommerce Store Design: 3 Tips for Building a Comprehensive Mobile Strategy

Switching to a mobile responsive eCommerce store, also know as a  “mobile-friendly” eCommerce store is the first step in adopting a mobile strategy for your business. However, it is not the only step. There are many more ways of engaging with customers where they are.



Tip 1: Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly.

Mobile responsive, or “mobile-friendly” design is not limited to the display of your online store. It should be taken into account any time a prospective customer engages with your brand – including email correspondence.

Make sure, when selecting an email provider, that email templates are mobile-friendly, which means they scale down to fit the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices. Ensuring that your customers are able to read your emails on their mobile phones will pay off big-time for your brand.

In a recent study by Yesmail, it was discovered that mobile responsive marketing emails have a higher click through rate at 58%, compared to nonresponsive emails at 46.7%. It seems that more and more people are checking and opening their emails on mobile devices. In Q4 2015, 49% of consumers opened emails exclusively on their mobile devices, compared to 42.2% on desktop. What’s even more significant for ecommerce businesses is that 30.4% of all email-driven orders were placed on mobile devices. If your marketing emails are not easily readable on mobile phones, then you could be losing sales and revenue for your business.


Even while working within the constraints of a mobile-friendly template, a number of other key considerations should be taken into account when writing emails geared toward a mobile audience.

  • Keep your subject lines short and simple
  • Select templates that are a single column and are less than 600 pixels wide
  • Streamline content, using larger text and smaller images
  • Make sure the call-to-action is simple and clear
  • Don’t stack links (place multiple links next to each other)

Keeping these guidelines in mind will help you craft emails that customers can easily engage with no matter what device they are on.

Tip 2: Engage with your customers via text messages.

Mobile responsiveness is important to consider for your email correspondence. However, developing a mobile strategy that includes text messaging provides even more opportunities for you to reach your customers. In fact, text messages boast a 98% open rate, which practically guarantees that your customers will open you text messages. This is impressive, but there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when considering text messaging as part of your mobile strategy.

  • Make sure the customers you text have opted in.
  • Select the right provider for your business
  • Don’t text customers more than you have agreed to

These tips are common sense. No one appreciates unwelcome marketing messasges. Be respectful of your customers and watch how text messaging can transform your customer correspondence for the better.

Tip 3: Develop mobile-friendly marketing promotions and contests.

Social media should be a key part of your mobile-friendly marketing strategy – as a good portion of the time individuals spend on mobile devices is consumed by social media account browsing. For more information on building a strong marketing presence on Facebook, check out recent post Selling on Facebook: 3 Strategies to Drive Sales.

Facebook is a great platform for advertising products and engaging with customers. Another strategy for reaching customers on mobile devices is to run a Facebook contest. The benefits of Facebook contests include: 1) increased brand awareness, 2) customer information to add to marketing flow and 3) increased followers and engagement on your brand’s social media page.


When developing a contest for Facebook, be sure to review Facebook’s guidelines for offers and promotions first. Once you have reviewed these guidelines, keep the following in mind:

  • Select a prize that will truly motivate people to participate.This prize should be related to the products and services you offer.
  • Make sure all of the content, including emails and advertisements, related to the contest is mobile-friendly.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy for promoting the contest via your website, emails, text messages, Facebook posts and cover photos, and other social media feeds – and maintain this strategy throughout the duration of the contest.
  • Make sure that participants have the opportunity to opt-in to correspondence. Opt-in is required to add customers to your database for marketing correspondence, including emails and  text messages. Be sure that any registration forms you create for your contest include an opt-in field.
  • Develop a strategy for follow up after the contest. How will you engage with new prospects following the contest? Consider a separate promotion or offer for contest participants to lure them back to your page.
  • Make sure your contest is simple and easy to understand. Don’t overcomplicate.

With these strategies, your business can attract and delight customers on both desktop and mobile devices alike, winning more revenue for your business and growing your reach.


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