Backlinks: How Useful Are They to Your Business?

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It’s not easy to get noticed in a highly competitive market. With countless websites and competitors fighting for the top rank in search results pages, you have to be smart about your strategies. 

You can’t blame Goggle for loving backlinks and setting the bar high. After all, it only wants to provide the best results to its users. Google likes these searched websites to be specific, helpful, and exactly what the user is looking for at a particular moment. However, building authority and getting a high rank on Google can be challenging for businesses unless they know how to do it correctly. 

One of the most valuable strategies is backlinking. Fortunately, this is easier than it sounds. Backlinks tell the search engines that your business website is respected and valuable, hence, worthy of a top rank spot on the search engine results page (SERP).

This post is for you if you want to earn backlinks to improve your search visibility and site ranking. 

What Are Backlinks? 

Backlinks are website links to your own site. These are great for a site’s search performance if it’s from a reputable website. On the other hand, it’s destructive if they’re from sketchy and unethical websites. These backlinks lead site visitors to your home page or specific website pages. In essence, they’re promoting your business to the online community. 

If you use backlinks properly, they can build your site’s search engine optimization strategy since Google uses them to decide the SERP ranking. If reputable websites believe that you have linking-worthy content, they will provide Google with information its users might want to access. 

If all competing websites are the same, you will outrank them because you have a more valuable inbound link. This is precisely why it’s an excellent strategy to incorporate link building into your SEO campaigns. Your website will appear at the SERP’s top rank when your prospects look for services and products in your niche. 

Backlinks are beneficial to new and long-standing online businesses. If you belong to the former category, you should take steps to learn more about forming a company before jumping to the use of backlinks to grow it.

 Don’t let your competitors bring you down. Invest in your backlinking campaign today by contacting a Louis SEO consultant and see your conversion and business bottom line improve significantly.

Top 3 Benefits of Backlinking 

If the arguments raised are not enough to sway you in the right direction, consider the following top benefits of backlinking:

1. Help Establish Brand Authority

Getting backlinks from well-known websites complements your SEO efforts significantly, but they can also help establish and improve brand authority. Google takes these links as green flags, indicating that a specific website offers valuable information. 

As such, users who are also consumers take this as a positive indication that your brand is trustworthy. It’ll be easy for you to persuade them to do business with you. You’re attracting customers solely based on association. 

This can also establish your credibility as an industry information source and can lead to different reputable websites linking to your page and content, offering you natural backlinks — something that Google loves. 

2. Drive Referral Traffic to Your Website

Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are not the only website traffic sources. Referral traffic can also account for a vast percentage of website traffic. This refers to the scenario wherein people click on backlinks within the content and are redirected to the linked content. 

Reputable on-site links will significantly help your SEO and drive more targeted website traffic 24/7. Remember that one link on a well-known and credible website can generate traffic to your site for many years. 

What’s even more awesome with referral traffic is that they’re highly targeted. Businesses continuously invest in paid search, with some having a high cost per click (CPC). Each referral click drives high-quality website traffic without an actual cost per click. 

3. Long-Term Links for Directories and Resource Sites 

It’s undeniable that the internet will continue growing and remain as an  information access. If you get backlinks from credible resource sites and directories, you’ll have an “almost” permanent website traffic source in the coming years. 

Suppose your website sold “blue widgets” and you got a link on the company manufacturers’ directory. All blue widget prospects searching online for the product will also come across your link for the current and coming years. Once they click through, they will land on your homepage. This will allow you to convert them into paying customers. This process will continue for years, benefitting your business by leaps and bounds. 

Invest Time and Effort in Backlinking 

Traditional marketing strategies are used to cost businesses a lot of money. Sure they can benefit from word of mouth, but paid advertising still achieves more. Fortunately, this is no longer the general rule. With backlinking and other inexpensive optimization strategies, businesses can equalize the playing field and surpass the cutthroat competition. 

Don’t let your competitors bring you down. Invest in your backlinking campaign today and see your conversion and business bottom line improve significantly.

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