Amazon FBA Reimbursement Services: What to Consider before Choosing One

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Amazon and its delivery partners lose or damage items every month. Amazon’s FBA reimbursement policies guarantee that sellers are paid for these errors.

According to Amazon, if your product is lost or destroyed while being fulfilled by Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, Amazon either replaces the item or reimburses you for it. However, the reality is that Amazon fails to pay a substantial proportion of sellers due to error, and sellers must personally attempt to get their money back. 

With a high volume of transactions in any marketplace, even a small margin of error can amount to millions of dollars in cumulative losses for sellers.

Types of Amazon FBA Reimbursements

You may seek compensation from Amazon for any merchandise that is lost or destroyed. There are several instances in which you are entitled to repayment. In such cases, you can get Amazon FBA reimbursements services to ease the process.

However, the most frequent causes of inventory loss and damage are connected to the following parts of the FBA process.

1. Lost or Damaged

Your inventory can go missing, and the cause is not always apparent. For example, the incoming courier who transports your things from your location to one of Amazon’s fulfillment facilities can accidentally damage or lose them. 

At times, Amazon might itself discard your products without notifying you. Typically, this occurs when they believe the object is severely damaged and hence unsellable.

2. Customer Returns

Amazon is committed to protecting its consumers at all costs and is always working to improve the customer experience. Consequently, Amazon is quick to reimburse the buyer, which some consumers sadly take advantage of.

There are several ways in which this might be detrimental to the vendor. Typically, the consumer will return an entirely different item or one that is unsellable. In other instances, the client may return an empty package. With more complicated return issues comes a higher chance of FBA errors and losses.

3. Incorrect FBA Fees

If you sell on Amazon, you should be aware of the associated charges, particularly the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) selling fees. Despite the costs, the FBA program provides Amazon sellers with several shipping and inventory control perks.

To guarantee that you are not overpaying for anything, you should watch two key factors: product category and product dimension. Amazon charges you a referral fee based on the category of your goods. However, if Amazon improperly categorizes your product and charges referral fees, you may be eligible for compensation.

Another cause of excessive expenses is inaccurately measured goods. Amazon uses Cubiscan to identify the dimensions and weight of your product when it is received. 

While this automated system is often correct, an unusually packed box can result in a mistake that classifies your item as a larger size. If Amazon labels a standard-size item as over-size, the resulting impact on your FBA costs might be significant.

Now that we know about Amazon FBA reimbursement, let us consider what aspects to look for when choosing a service.

How to Choose an Amazon FBA Reimbursement Service

Not obtaining your total revenues on Amazon is one of the most significant and prevalent problems. 

The Amazon fees are deducted from each sale. How would you feel if Amazon’s fees were incorrect? Would you be charged for an item that a consumer did not return?

Your Amazon FBA Seller account is paying you less money, and it happens to most companies. You can safeguard this by using an Amazon reimbursement service that monitors your account and files claims with Amazon. If you are looking for such services, you will need to know what aspects to look for before choosing them.

Find the most satisfactory Amazon reimbursement service by following these steps.

1. Resolve Issues Properly

Approximately 30 to 49 percent of all Internet purchases are returned. Customer return mistakes are among the most prevalent FBA problems, but there are many more, such as:

  • Damaged or stolen inventory
  • Shipping damage
  • Incorrect shipping fees (based on size and weight)

You should look for an Amazon reimbursement service that not only addresses all potential issues but also checks your account for the last 12-18 months (depending on Amazon’s rules). 

2. No Charges until Reimbursed

No matter how large or small your business is, Amazon owes you money for mistakes.

As a result, nothing can be taken for granted. No one can tell how much money you owe Amazon without looking at your account information.

If you do not want to pay upfront fees or monthly charges, you should look for a business that does. Instead, look for an FBA refunds service that only costs you after they have processed your refund based on their findings.

3. No Charges for Reconciliation

What if you want to reconcile your accounts and just want a backup solution in place? There may be times when you are too busy to check your account or you overlook significant problems. So maintaining a backup can be a great idea. 

If that is what you want, you should get a service that will not charge you for any cases you get involved in.

4. Use Software to Find Errors

The claims must be submitted manually. However, the software is still crucial. It can detect a lot more problems than a human can. Once those errors are identified, a real person will analyze the issue, decide whether or not it is genuine, and then submit the claim with the service you choose.

5. Responsive Support

Using a service has several purposes. It saves you time and money. 

The other aspects are:

  • You spend less time reconciling your account.
  • You can recover extra money that you could not have discovered on your own

You need to be sure of the service you are willing to take. One way to do this is to sign up for a refund service and never again worry about FBA refunds.

However, there can be instances when you need further assistance. When you have a large number of returns in a given month, you may want to check to see if all of them were recorded. Or maybe you are still waiting for a large sum of money that has not arrived in your bank account. It does not matter what the cause is; you need a service that provides excellent customer service.


Navigating your Amazon FBA business’s various responsibilities might be intimidating. When it comes to your organization’s more complex and challenging elements, getting an Amazon FBA reimbursement service can be a great advantage.

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Dayana Mayfield is the head of content for Refunds Manager, the top-rated Amazon FBA reimbursement service that helps over 10,000 US Amazon sellers get their money back. 

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