Add Specific Categories To Boost Holiday Sales


One of the simplest changes you can make to your online store that will improve customer experience and potentially boost sales is to add specific categories. With the busy holiday season in full swing, get creative by curating specific categories that can help overwhelmed shoppers find the perfect gift. Here are a few creative category ideas to start with:

  • Best Sellers
  • Gifts for Mom, Dad, Teens, etc.
  • Base categories on fun personas that fit your brand [Hipster, Fashionista, Outdoorsman, Movie Buff, etc]
  • Color
  • Gifts Under $50, $100
  • Holiday [Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, etc.]

One thing you don’t want to do is take every category suggestion above and use them all. Simply adding best sellers or gifts under $50 or $100 is a good place to start! Ready to add some new categories? Learn how to do that here!

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