A guide to recruiting top talent in Australia

Good employees are hard to find, especially if you’re looking for highly sought-after IT people or talented individuals in web design, marketing, business innovation etc. If you’re the owner of an Australian business trying to recruit the most talented people in a field, there are some things to keep in mind, including basic security concerns. 

The same applies if you’re an overseas business owner looking to Australia to bring in new talents to give your company an edge.

Make your business attractive 

Top professionals get to pick and choose who they work for so you need to make them interested in working for you. You can achieve this by increasing your brand awareness, just as you do for marketing purposes. It’s the same thing, but instead of appealing to customers, you want to attract new talents.

If your company is ranked among the best for its work environment and work culture you will find many professionals interested in joining your team.

Use background checks

Nothing makes a workplace more attractive than the knowledge that it is a safe place, where employees are protected against violence, sexual harassment or discrimination. One way to achieve this goal is to use background checks on all employees. You need to make sure that the people you hire do not have convictions for any of the offenses mentioned above on their criminal record. 

When you talk to a suitable professional you want to hire, mentioning criminal history checks will let them know that you take your employees’ safety seriously. A commonly used way to do a police check in Australia is to use the services of an online approved service provider. These services are accredited with the federal government. All the candidate has to do is input a few key identity information concerning whether they’ll receive the criminal history check result via email. Using an online Australian background check agency is generally preferred by multinational organisations since businesses can access the website from another part of the world.

Make the job description clear

Top professionals want to know exactly what it is you’re hiring them for. When you put out an ad or you contact them privately, you need to present them with a clear and detailed job description so they know what to expect. 

Check out their references

When you want to hire suitable people make sure they are who they say they are. If they present you with a stellar CV, it’s always wise to check that information. During the job interview, ask the candidate about their work references and who you should be talking to at their previous work place – their supervisor, the HR manager, etc. If they were good at their job, you shouldn’t have any issues obtaining information about their work performance.

Offer incentives and career opportunities

A good professional is not looking only to make more money. They want a place where they can grow, learn and develop new abilities. Monetary incentives work, but also offer them the possibility of furthering their education or attending training courses. 


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