A few questions with the ultimate tattooed team player – Nikita Makeyev

We are thankful to have unique employees with varied backgrounds. (We might have said “storied backgrounds” but some things are best left unspoken!)

Here is a bit of info on one of our tech rock-stars, we hope you enjoy getting to know a bit about Nikita! If you are looking to join a great team, click the link at the end of this article to apply.

What is your background?
I’m 27, originally from Russia. I’ve lived in FL, MO, CA, TN and England. Avid PC gamer, that’s my biggest hobby by far.

What led you to CoreCommerce?
My roommate made me apply because I was fresh out of college (19) and if I didn’t get a job soon, I wouldn’t have been able to pay rent!

What do you like most about this business?
We give people the power to change their life for the better. Whether it’s a one man shop or a big operation, the extra revenue coming from online sales can make a big difference. The bigger the company who uses CoreCommerce, the more lives we are able touch and improve.

What is one thing you wished people knew about you?
About half of everything I know came directly from Google search.

What’s up with the tattoos?
Not really sure. Ink just makes me feel unique and independent. It’s just my thing I guess.

If you weren’t in the ecommerce business, what would you be doing?
I would be doing something else in the IT field. In high school I wanted to become an accountant. It probably sounds weird, but forestry has always intrigued me for some reason.

What was the last 3 music downloads on iTunes?
I don’t use iTunes. Last 3 songs favorited in Spotify: The Fox by Ylvis, Agony Fires by Jedi Mind Tricks and Lithium by Nirvana

What is your favorite YouTube channel?
Don’t use YouTube too much. More of a twitch.tv fan.

What word should be banned from everyone’s vocabulary?

So, there you have it. A quick bit of info from one of our finest. Nikita is passionate about helping others, learns fast, believes in hard work, and loves to game and get ink.

If you are looking for a great team to join, we are always seeking good employees. We’ve got a few jobs open now, click here to see them.

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