8 Must-Have Programs for Tech Majors

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be an 11% growth of IT occupations from 2019 to 2029. This rate will be significantly faster compared to the occupation growth of other sectors. A larger vacuum for IT workers is rising and the world will need more skilled personnel in information security, cloud computing, among others.

While this information is good news to individuals who already have several computer qualifications, for those lacking, it should be a wake-up call. That’s right, to keep up in the near digital future, one should have several tech certifications under their belt. This article will highlight must-have degree programs for tech majors to choose from.

What to Consider in Your Selection?

Understanding computer & IT divisions: One must understand the differences between the programs. This allows them to identify which one aligns with their career goals. 

Pursuing interests: The field of computer and information technology is a demanding one. To do well, one needs to major in the area of their skills and interests. It’s not wise to pick a program only for its career worth. 

People who pick a program out of passion are less likely to drop out.  Even if the studies become too complex, or they are weak in one area, say essay writing. They can compensate by using an essay service to get help with their essay assignments. The bottom line is, where there is a will, there is a way.

Understand the costs: The programs below come at different costs. To get one that pays a higher salary, one should be ready to invest more. And before you start, you need to make sure your finances can sustain you till the end of the program. 

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In today’s world, cybersecurity is more important than ever. With more devices connected to the internet, cybercriminals see a greater opportunity. Already, they have developed sophisticated means of stealing important data. Users need protection for their banking information, social security numbers, etc.

Individuals who opt for a Cyber Security degree program may never be jobless. Corporations will always need more skilled labour in that field. The Cyber Security degree teaches extensive knowledge of how to prevent cyber attacks. Additionally, it educates students on computer networks and strategies in risk management.

Data Analytics

In IT, data analytics is a term that describes a methodical study of data. The goal is to come up with a decisive conclusion of that data. Most of the techniques of data analytics are in algorithms and mechanical processes. People analyze raw data to learn from the metrics and trends.

The results from the data can be used to optimize the performance of a system or business. Students who pursue this program can use raw data from various sources to solve problems. In corporations, data analytics is assisting managers to make better decisions.

Information Technology Management

In simple terms, IT management is the administration of IT resources. The management is per the priorities of an organization. The goal is to have the business strategies aligned with technology. In today’s businesses, the IT department plays a critical role in keeping information flowing. This boosts the productivity of businesses.

To avoid downtimes of communication networks, organizations hire skilled IT professionals. The IT management program grooms students to:

  • manage hands-on tasks,
  • set up configurations
  • troubleshoot.

Additionally, students learn about business management through IT.

Data Science

Data Science is a discipline that discloses obscure patterns from unprocessed data. To achieve this, it uses data analytic tools, algorithms, and certain principles. Data scientists differ from analytics in the way they give explanations and predictions. A data analyst will process history data to explain things. But, a data scientist will go further to use algorithms to predict future events.

In this modern world, large volumes of data are being created annually. Data scientists use the data to answer big questions. Important persons also rely on the information to make decisions. People who would like to study Data Science can begin at the graduate level. The complexity of the program can only allow starting at that level.

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Network Systems Administration

The education of network systems administrators is almost like that of IT managers. The difference is that at work, IT managers will not do as much groundwork as the administrators. A network systems administrator upgrades, repairs, maintains and optimizes systems and networks. He or she also trains users on the proper use of software and computer hardware.

Individuals doing the Network Systems Administration degree program will learn information technology. And since they will interact more with people, modules in communication skills are added to their program.

Software Application Development

Software application development is the process of designing, documenting, programming and testing apps. Other activities involved include maintaining frameworks and source code. Individuals who like to build their apps should consider this degree program. 

Web Programming

There is an incredible demand for professional web programmers. Businesses need them to create web platforms to connect with their customers. Although a person can learn web programming on their own at home, qualification is still needed. 

Besides, studying for a Web Programming degree gives a person a boost of confidence in their work. They may be able to develop exquisite and highly functional web applications. Moreover, the degree prepares students to build & fix essential functionalities and systems.

Computer Science

Computer science is the study of computational systems, computer hardware and computer software. Computer scientists, however, commonly focus on software systems. Software systems in computer science involve theory, design, and development. The other part is computer applications.

Other study areas of Computer Science include: 

  • Database systems, 
  • Software engineering, 
  • Artificial intelligence, 
  • Security, 
  • Programming languages, etc. 

The Takeaway

People who study computer science can do the job of almost all of the above mentioned  programs. But, this does not make a computer scientist outstanding. There is power in specialization.

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