8 Instagram Post Ideas to Drive Sales for Your Ecommerce Store

Instagram Post Ideas

Instagram Post Ideas

Having an ecommerce store, practically every business owner aims at driving more sales with the help of various marketing tools and channels.

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, 90% of whom follow at least one business and 83% do product/service research in-app, so it has become an important marketing tool for ecommerce businesses that want to drive sales for their ecommerce stores.

To make the most out of Instagram shopping and encourage users to make a purchase decision, check out 8 Instagram post ideas that drive sales for your ecommerce store.

  1. Introduce New Products

Ecommerce businesses should realize the importance of Instagram shopping as more and more people 

Since Instagram is not just about posting photos and communicating with friends, it’s important to introduce new products to your followers so that they can find something that suits their needs and wants. As a result, it can also help to boost sales on Instagram.

To spark interest in your product line, you can announce new products with carousel posts, or teaser videos to showcase your new products from different angles, or even use Instagram DM apps to reach your target audience and potential customers

  1. Show Off Your Collections

No matter what your products are, whether you plan to launch a new product line or you have the same products that you sell to your customers, you should show off your collections on the business profile so that both new and existing customers can take a look at your offers and make a purchase decision. Instagram stats says that attracting offers and collections may get more attention from customers. 

There are many creative approaches to show off your collections with Instagram posts as you can upload pictures or videos of your products, add several photos of product details, or include product videos. Here’s how Marc O’Polo has introduced its collection with a simple photo collage to give followers a sneak peek of its products:


When followers show interest in your collection, they might want to check out your product details like the description, prices, and shipping options. If you want to increase website traffic and convert interested followers into paying customers, you can include a link in the bio and add a call to action in the caption.

  1. Tell About Discounts and Sales

Not all businesses love the idea of sharing discounts and sales as it can minimize the revenue. Some companies use these offers to hook the attention of potential customers.

For example, if you use sites like Gumroad to market and sell your products, you can send additional coupons to customers who leave your e-store. But when you market products on Instagram, there’s no option to send abandonment emails. Thus, it’s a good idea to tell followers about discounts and sales with an Instagram post. 

To create a sense of urgency and encourage people to complete a purchase fast, you can offer time-limited discounts so that your followers will be motivated to buy from you.

  1. Publish User-Generated Content

Living in the era of paid ads and influencer endorsements, people pay close attention to real-word recommendations from friends and family. As a result, the popularity of user-generated content is on its rise.

When people take photos of themselves with your products, they are ready to spread the word about your brand as they’re satisfied with the quality. For other customers, it serves as social proof, so worried followers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing user-generated content on your profile.

Cluse has a branded hashtag for user-generated content, so the company constantly checks out fan-made photos and repost the best ones to its profile and therefore provides followers with social proof while creating a beautiful feed. 


  1. Provide Customer Testimonials

User-generated content isn’t the one type of social proof you can post on Instagram to encourage potential customers to make a purchase. Since people pay attention to recommendations, they find customer testimonials to be useful. 

When you generate more leads, you can reach out to more people who might be interested in sharing their customer experiences with your company. In other words, they can provide customer testimonials–success stories, product reviews, quotes, etc.

To repurpose customer testimonials for your Instagram feed, you can use a graphic design tool like InstaSize (iOS) to add text on images with ease that fit your brand identity and style.

  1. Show Off Your Customer Support

When it comes to making a purchase decision on Instagram, potential customers may have questions about your products and company before buying from you as they want to make sure that it can meet their needs and wants. As a result, social media users seek out customer service assistance that can give answers to their questions and therefore make the shopping process easier.

Want to drive sales to your ecommerce store on Instagram? Show off your customer support as an Instagram post. Not only can it help worried customers get in touch with customer service representatives, but it can also ease their minds and therefore encourage them to make a purchase.

Check out an example from Expedia:

Instagram Post Ideas Ad


Obviously, not every ecommerce store has an opportunity to hire a social media manager who can deal with customer inquiries on Instagram. However, you can always create a virtual telephone number and share it on social media profiles and websites to help your customers get answers to their questions with ease. 

  1. Promote a Referral Program

Practically every ecommerce store owner wants to increase customer loyalty as it can result in more sales. Why? People buy from brands they trust. Thus, it’s a good idea to create and promote a referral program on Instagram that gives your existing customers a solid reason to spread the word about your products among their friends.

But if you’re just starting out as an ecommerce store, you may be interested in giving Instagram influencer marketing a try and therefore find relevant opinion leaders who can promote your referral program and set an example for other customers to follow.

  1. Run Ad Campaigns

Do you know the power of Instagram ads? With the growing number of ecommerce businesses that promote their products on Instagram, paid ad campaigns give business owners an opportunity to cut through the noise and reach your target audience on the platform.

Whether you want to redirect existing customers or reach out to new customers, the right ad campaign settings give you this opportunity. And if you want to spark curiosity and keep your potential customers engaged, it’s a good idea to run video ad campaigns as video content can tell your viewers more about your products in a fun and engaging way.

Here’s an example of this strategy in action. When Verb Energy wanted to raise brand awareness and encourage followers to give their products a try, the company made creative videos.

Instagram Post Ideas example


The campaign resulted in a 4.1 points higher standard ad recall from video than from the old creative and  5.3 points higher standard brand awareness from video than from the old creative.

With a variety of Instagram post ideas that drive sales for your ecommerce store, there are many ways to market your products and encourage potential customers to buy from you. It can result in business growth, more sales, and higher revenue. You may also find Instagram followers apps to get more exposure on your posts. So, isn’t it enough to have an Instagram presence for your e-store?

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