7 Ways to Recharge and Relax After the College Day

You want nothing but to come to your dorm and relax after a long stressful day of classes. You scroll your Twitter feed or binge watching your favorite TV show. It is okay to forget about homework for some time after the lecture. But you don’t feel recharged when you wake up the day after. 

You might be doing something wrong if you feel tired even after seemingly doing nothing. First, deal with your homework with the help of a research paper writer and avoid procrastinating. Procrastinating can be another reason why you feel tired and overwhelmed. Once you deal with your homework, you can start looking for better ways to relax.

It comes as a surprise to many people that the routines we consider to be relaxing are stressing us out instead. There is a solution to the problem, and it is simple: add more versatile activities to your free time. They would help you to feel better and have fresh ideas and thoughts.

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Positive Procrastination

Before you jump into any activity that requires your attention and energy, consider positive procrastination as an option. It may sound counterproductive, but positive procrastination is nothing like the procrastination we know. Usually, negative procrastination is a dreadful ignoring of the task you need to do. Positive procrastination is about scheduling a task for a specific time instead of forgetting about it.

It helps you to redirect your focus and return to your task with a better perspective and ideas. You can take a nap, meet with your friends, or play video games. You know that after this, you will start working on your homework and not lose track of time. 

Watch a Feel-Good Movie

Movies are different from shows. They are not easy to binge in one go and feel overstimulated with all the plot points and turns you get in a series. Of course, everything depends on whether you like movies at all, but it’s good to go to the cinema every once in a while. 

You don’t have to find the most sophisticated festival cinema out there. It can be a silly comedy or biopic that helps you forget about your problems for an hour or two. Dedicating some time to your favorite feel-good or motivational films helps you to improve your mood and relax. You would feel recharged and ready for the next day.

Accomplishing Your House Chores

You may have a long to-do list of chores you hate sitting on your table. If you perceive cleaning your room or buying groceries as a punishment, you might feel overwhelmed and more tired after it. You need to change your perspective on these routines to feel positive about them. 

The best way to turn your chores into a relaxing activity is to accomplish them bit by bit. It is much easier to clean your room when you keep it tidy. You will never feel anxious about running out of food when you turn into a store on your way home and buy some items from the list. Create a reward system that will motivate you to manage your chores in time so you don’t have to sweat later. 

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Gadget Detox 

The abundance of information, positive and negative, can be overwhelming. You may think you relax when watching TikTok or scrolling Twitter, but you keep your brain running instead. It takes a lot of energy to process all the information you see and read, no matter how short or simple it may seem. It is a good idea to have an hour detox from your smartphone or laptop just to focus on other activities.

Instead, try these activities:

  • Get complete rest from anything and do nothing. 
  • Read a paper book.
  • Go out for a walk.
  • Do your chores.

Practice Exercises

Any physical exercise is beneficial for your mental health. You can go swimming, jogging, or walking and get much-needed endorphins to feel happier. With physical exercises, you help your body stay in balance and let your mind calm down after a day of classes and lectures. Whatever you pick, you will thank yourself later, as it helps to develop a healthy routine. 

Consider yoga or meditation as a form of physical exercise. It significantly reduces stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions you may have pent up during the day. Use meditation or yoga as an outlet that will help you recharge your energy.

Meet With Your Friends or Family

Meeting with people is perfect for shaking creative blocks and improving your mood. It doesn’t have to be a loud party or meeting with strangers. You need to keep in contact with people you trust and care about. Don’t be afraid to reach out even if you feel you have fallen out a bit. 

If you don’t have the opportunity to meet your long-distance friends and family, you can always call them or arrange a zoom meeting. Seeing familiar faces will cheer you up, help you catch up with them, and make you feel better. 

Forget About FOMO

Many people have a fear of missing out (FOMO) that pushes them outside and keeps them busy even when they are tired. FOMO is both a cultural phenomenon and a desire to always be in trend. Many students feel pressured to constantly network or look for the excited events. Otherwise, their college experience won’t be as valuable. 

You don’t need to go to every event your college hosts or come to every party on campus. Sometimes you need to stay inside and be lazy. Do whatever makes you feel energetic and happy. You can’t always be present everywhere and stay positive all the time. 


Recharging and relaxing is essential for anyone, especially after a long day. It helps you to avoid burnout, depression, and other unpleasant consequences of stress. There is no perfect formula that will work for everyone the same. You need to find a way to feel most comfortable and safe caring for your mental health and use it as a part of your routine. 

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