7 Costly Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid

You have undoubtedly heard of dropshipping before. The term “dropshipping” became famous among internet marketers in 2006 when AliExpress took off in the USA. Until then, few people knew what dropshipping was, but some wise entrepreneurs launched their online stores and took the lead. We have made a list of some of the most common Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid.

A dropshipping company is a different type of business model compared to traditional eCommerce. It uses a website to show products previously purchased from 3rd party suppliers. 

At first, it might seem that you only need to worry about getting customers, but it is not that simple. In reality, dropshipping isn’t an easy solution to filling pockets fast. It takes going through many mistakes along the way, and some of them may be costly.

If you know how to prevent these seven common mistakes, you will avoid repeating them and stay on the right track.

Not doing enough product research


When setting up a dropshipping business, finding the right product that will bring you sales is crucial. 

Picking one item from a list of product ideas and deciding to run with it is not the best thing to do. Product research might be tedious, but it has to be done patiently. 

Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid

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You need to check out: 

· How many other dropshippers are selling the exact product

· Check supplier and product ratings

· Analyze Google Analytics and trends

· Validate ideas using Facebook Audience Insights

Not building a relationship with suppliers

You probably believe that improving relationship with your customers and keeping them connected is the primary goal of your e-commerce business. 

Still, the bloodlines of your dropshipping business are suppliers. Your relationship, in the beginning, is limited to product availability and concerns about shipping. Your conversations might also be limited to phone calls and sending emails. 

Don’t let this go on for long, as your suppliers could start taking you for granted since there are too many drop shippers to deal with. Building a more substantial relationship can position yourself better and earn priority when suppliers’ goods are running out of stock.

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Great ways to build or improve relationships with suppliers is to: 

1. Pay them on time

2. Get friendly with their representatives

3. Share Insights with them

4. Address issues right away

Selling Trademark goods

Choosing the best product for your dropshipping store is a given. But is dropshipping legal if you’re selling registered copyrights or trademarks without their permission? You can’t sell anything you want in a dropshipping store.

This means selling items of another company such as NBA teams or Disney and Marvel characters also company logos (e.g., Mcdonalds, Puma), or even slogans.

Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid

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If you still want to sell these items legally, you must obtain a license. The license may cost you between thousands of dollars, depending on the brand that owns specific products’ trademarks. Otherwise, your business can be ruined, and the company may be sued.

There are four vital elements to keep your items legal:

  • Stay away from any copyrighted products
  • Products that are forbidden and age/restricted are risky
  • Avoid selling dangerous products
  • Avoid selling special categories like supplements or medical products

Offering different Shipping Fees

Suppliers often offer a variety of shipping methods. Buyers want their goods delivered at the right combination of speed and cost. So, you may need to provide a few modes of shipping in your online shop, and shipping software can save you hours figuring this out. Still, you don’t want to provide too many options as too many choices can cause a customer to freeze in their purchase activity and possibly abandon their shopping cart.

Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid

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Many online retailers deal with this issue in two ways. They decide either to offer free shipping or a flat delivery rate. You can adjust the product prices and cover the shipping cost when choosing free shipping.

Having unrealistic expectations

If so-called Youtube gurus discovered the secrets of dropshipping business by showing screenshots of making $50,000 in a month, you probably started the process with unrealistic expectations.

Unrealistic expectations are not just costly in dollars but to your mindset too.

Imagine you have ended up the first month with only five sales? Create a different plan and start with realistic expectations, such as making $200 for the first few months. Once you reach that goal, change it to $400, then to $1000. 

Being successful in dropshipping means being dedicated and patient. It takes a lot of learning and effort before you start reaping the benefits. 

You need to research various approaches and find out how to boost dropshipping with promotions. If you pick up a great product and invest in ads from the first day, you may blow your expectations out of the water. 

Some measures will show you precisely how your business is doing in terms of conversions and revenue.

To get accurate with your results, track your Sales KPI key performance indicators

Not optimizing your dropshipping store 

One of the biggest mistakes that cost drop shippers initially is not optimizing their store.

Both Shopify and Woocomerce make it easy to create a successful store, but many beginners struggle to get the basics right. Be aware that your website is your only online presence. 

Visitors land on a poorly designed website and go away immediately when your landing page is not unique and attractive enough. Your store needs high-quality images, product descriptions, amazing copywriting, and calls to action. 

Your shop should be optimized in every possible way, so your buyers have the best experience. By implementing e-commerce SEO practices, you will boost your organic sales traffic.

Dropshipping Mistakes to Avoid

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To create an enjoyable shopping experience for your buyers, use pop-ups, customer reviews, currency converters, and more.

If you are setting up a new, ambitious online store using dropshipping, or if you are doing a complete revamp of an existing store, you may want a new, custom website designed specifically for your needs and your operations, that has a large capacity for all kinds of products and operations. In that case, if you don’t want to take on the task yourself, consider hiring a professional Magento development agency, which will have a full staff of developers, programmers, and other experts for your website project. You will have much better chances for success.

Or, if you’re committed to a DIY path, you might start with a course that will teach you everything you need to know.

Giving up way too quickly 


You have done everything right, decided which e-commerce platform will serve your business the best, set the store, connect with the supplier, and engage with customers. You have also run some Facebook ads, but the results are beyond expectations, and you are not earning as much as you planned?

Giving up so early would be a mistake. There are no drop shippers who became successful overnight.

Many of them failed over and over before they discovered a winning combination. 

Test, then review and test it all over again. You will certainly find a combination that works by doing this enough times.

Of course, this means you’ll want to keep a close eye on the numbers, particularly if you’re dealing with more than one product or dropshipper. So, you might want to know about the WooCommerce order export plugin, which lets you export reports about your orders to your team, your vendors, and (because of its FTP features), even your dropshipping partners. This can help you work together, using accurate data, to find the right solution for your online store success, which is a much better alternative to giving up!   


Running a dropshipping business is just as hard as running any other company. This is why it is recommended to start a new business with an entrepreneurial mindset without expecting it to be easy.

And if you heard that dropshipping is a fantastic way for people to reach financial freedom, believe it. Maybe you want to dabble your income or launch an eCommerce business; dropshipping may help you achieve goals for a small part of the cost of launching a traditional retail store.

We can’t call the path to dropshipping success straightforward. On the other hand, by avoiding these seven costly mistakes we have pointed out in the article, you will be ready to skip learning some lessons the hard way. and aviDropshipping Mistakes to Avoid

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