6 ways to use video to promote your e-commerce store

The mobile-first era sees buyers eager to watch video content rather than read dense tracts of text. As the trend accelerates, e-commerce operators need to meet the change in consumer demand, delivering smart video content that attracts attention and converts sales

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get this right…

1. Understand your audience:

No market or audience ever stands still. Otherwise, all marketers would have been out of work decades ago. Previous cyclic shifts saw buyers’ eyes and ears focus on newspapers, then radio and TV in the pre-digital age.

Now, we are well into the digital media age with HD quality video streaming to every device. People like to see products in action or to have the benefits and features explained visually. That could be anything from how a dress swishes when worn to the detail work on a car, or how a gadget connects to all your other smart devices. 

Whatever the market, there are so many elements of a product or service that can be demonstrated through video, in a far superior manner to text. Ecommerce operators need to understand their audience, find out through research what excites them, and what they will tolerate when it comes to video content. 

2. Create inspirational product videos

There are a million and one great product videos out there. 

Video creates an online experience closer to that in-store experience, with the product taking pride in place. It also puts products at the center of stories while driving home their benefits and value. 

There are plenty of examples to work from, and you do not need a Hollywood production team to create a great video thanks to modern video editing apps. The recent bowling alley social media hit demonstrates how doing something a little different can reap huge recognition and rewards, even for a modest business. 

If you have the budget, partner with local video producers who have the equipment and skills to create impressive productions. If not, build a small digital studio in your office. As well as product videos, you can create “in-store” shopping videos, interviews, video pop-ups, and other content, all helping to promote products and boost sales

3. Create simple-to-follow but detailed tutorials

As someone within the business or with great market knowledge, you might be intimately aware of the ins and outs of a product. But it is a constant source of amazement how little buyers know, going on sentiment or what they have heard before buying. Most products solve a problem and showing how they do it will drive sales, fast. 

Tutorials help impart knowledge to consumers, adding to the value of the time they spend on your e-commerce store. Good tutorials can range from something simple to animate.

Your tutorials can even have subtitles to make it easier for people to follow them in loud environments. You can achieve this by using automated subtitling software that can add captions to your video in many different languages. 

Or, you can get people involved in the video. Every firm has natural presenters or folk with good broadcast voices who can command a stage no matter how small. Alternatively, you can hire professionals at good rates to deliver performances and content to help make tutorials stand out.   

4. Work with influencers to create reviews

The influencer generation has fast moved on from quaint Instagram photos into the world of video. They are more than happy to talk about your products to their audience and help sell them and your store. You can find out the pros and cons of Growthoid which will guide you for a better Instagram engagement. 

Influencer-as-a-business is also on the rise with many growing numbers of marketing agencies representing influencers to minimize the effort in finding the right people to help sell your products. From unboxing videos to outright reviews and real-world use cases, they can create excellent videos that move a product from the shelf out into the real world. 

Product reviews from influencers are genuine to their audience, even if some marketers have concerns over such efforts. As their followings grow, more companies will be using influencers for promotional purposes. 

5. Use live streaming and webinars 

Just as TV audiences would turn in at a specific time for their favorite shows, there is a growing audience online who like to be there “at the right time, at the right place.” Brands and e-commerce stores are spending more on digital content and an exciting livestream makes an event out of it. Pick the right video marketing platform matters here, with TikTok doing well for Walmart in recent weeks, while Facebook and Instagram can reach massive audiences. 

Business Insider

China has helped drive the live streaming boom with COVID turning them into a nation of digital shoppers. So-called Shoppertainment has created $135 billion in revenue in 2020 and will explode around the world in 2021 and beyond. 

As with any show, the success lies in good-looking production values, regardless of the actual cost. Hiring professionals or enthusiastic salespeople can create the right atmosphere. The same goes for webinars that can discuss a range of products within a category, their uses take a wider look at a market. 

6. Broaden your effort with live social media, testimonials, and adverts

Once your video content efforts are up and running, expand them off the main e-commerce site to your social media channels. Use these to show highlight reels, promos for upcoming shows, and product-focused content to help drive interest back to the store. 

As video use becomes normal among your customer base, use video ads to promote your shows and content to scale results, helping reinforce the use of video on the store and as a primary method of communication with your customers. 

Finally, as customers start using video themselves, you can use it as part of video case studies and testimonials that are powerful sharable content that adds to the credibility of the store and the products you sell.


As with all digital marketing efforts, video is part of the journey. The faster your e-commerce store adopts it, the sooner the rewards will come. And the faster you can scale those efforts to reach a wider audience, who are more receptive to video content than ever before. 

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