6 Ways Mobile Payments Shape Digital Marketing Strategy

Mobile Payments


Things have gotten much easier since smartphones and tablets started to play a bigger role in our lives especially with mobile payments. We can quickly search up an address, compare prices online, find a restaurant and make a reservation, and even complete transactions with just one click.


This ease is rapidly transforming into a consumer habit. In actuality, recent years have seen an exponential growth in mobile payments. Examine a few ways that mobile payments influence digital marketing strategy.


Improve User Experience

If a business offers mobile payment, it will be more likely to draw customers. Customers will swarm to a store if they advertise that they accept mobile payments because it makes their buying experience much more convenient. 

Businesses accomplish this by printing QR codes that consumers may access on their smartphones. A dynamic QR generator itself is marketing collateral. The user can explore your product or service offering visually engagingly by simply scanning the code.

Personalized Customer Experience

Customers have the freedom to select the business they want to purchase from a wide variety of possibilities. When they see an advertisement, email, or promotion catered to their interests, customers feel special. Because they know they can use the product or benefit from the service, they are more inclined to spend money on it.

As a result, customers are more likely to shop at establishments that accept their preferred payment method, including mobile technology. It is smart to include supported payment methods in marketing materials shared on a company’s website or social media page. 

Customers are aware that a business is adaptable and willing to make accommodations for their needs. And a positive customer experience is just as likely to keep them coming back as a quality product or service.

Mobile payments can be more secure than more conventional forms of payment, like credit cards, in some situations. Customers can avoid entering their credit or debit card information, which lowers the risk of fraud and unlawful purchases.

Streamlined Checkout Process

The effectiveness of the checkout process determines whether a customer completes their purchase or leaves their cart empty. If your website has a lengthy checkout process, customers may decide not to complete the purchase. 

For instance, the checkout procedure only accepts one payment method or asks users to register before continuing. These petty issues may turn away potential clients.

Businesses should design strategies to promote a quick checkout procedure in their marketing materials. Additionally, it is a blatant selling point in your videos and posters. Customers are encouraged to browse the website by visual materials with taglines like “one-step checkout,” “hassle-free checkout,” or even “reduced shipping” when paying with their mobile phone. At the end, you can always utilize chatbots to help your customers through the checkout process. 

Offer Rewards Program

One approach to keep clients loyal is to reward them, and mobile payment apps are well known for doing this. Businesses can offer incentives for purchases made with mobile payment solutions to entice repeat and new consumers. When a consumer spends a specific amount, for instance, they can introduce cashback, coupons, and even freebies when they check out.

Meanwhile, new customers who subscribe or register on the website might receive savings on their purchase or the delivery cost. Customers will devour any mention of incentives like discounts or freebies in adverts, whether they are digital or not.

Passes, Coupons, and Loyalty Cards  

Brands should sync their apps so that customers may download coupons, passes, and loyalty cards and put them in their mobile wallets. The following are some major advantages of providing passes, vouchers, and loyalty cards:

  • Passes can be updated at any moment, keeping the content current.
  • Push alerts can be sent to users to remind them when certain offers expire.
  • You can use location information to offer users pertinent coupons.

Instantly Attract Customers

Given all the stimuli, businesses must use visual marketing strategies to attract their attention. For a business to successfully capture clients’ attention, its marketing plan must be engaging. If you don’t use visual marketing tools, you run the danger of losing customers to more striking companies. This goal should be encompassed by your vision statement.

Mobile payments have the major advantage of not requiring a long introduction message. People can recognize the payment solution just by looking at the visual logo that is posted on your website and socials. It also satisfies people’s desire for prompt responses to any inquiries or concerns they may have because people recall pictures better than words.

Top Players in the Mobile Payment Industry

Leading mobile payment businesses combine payment alternatives with cutting-edge technologies. They allow for faster and more secure bank-to-bank transfers. 

Mobile payment is another factor in their success besides outsourcing. It offers simple payment methods like smart cards, which enable contactless transactions by scanning a special barcode or QR code shown on a sign or smartphone screen.

PayPal Holdings, Inc.

The technology platform and digital payments business PayPal Holdings, Inc. enables digital and mobile payments on behalf of customers and businesses. The company’s payments platform is made up of all of its payment options, including PayPal, PayPal Credit, Braintree, Venmo, Xoom, and Paydiant. 

In order to connect merchants and consumers, it also runs a two-sided global technological platform that joins its clients, both consumers and merchants, around the world.

Visa Inc.

The goal of Visa Inc., a corporation that specializes in worldwide payments technology, is to make it possible for anyone to use digital currency

Through the exchange of value and information across a worldwide network of customers, retailers, financial institutions, companies, strategic partners, and governmental organizations, it promotes international trade. In addition, it provides ATMs, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid items, and business payment solutions.

Google LLC

Google LLC is an American global technology corporation with a focus on Internet-related services and goods. They include cloud computing, software, hardware, and online advertising technologies.

Additionally, the business provides Google Pay, a platform for digital wallets and an online payment system. It is designed by Google to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices. With Google Pay, customers can make purchases using their Android phones, tablets, or watches.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

It is the top electronics company in South Korea and one of the biggest manufacturers of semiconductors in the world. Samsung Pay lets users make quick, simple, safe, and intelligent payments using their mobile devices. Compared to the majority of other mobile payment options, it is accepted in more places.

In Conclusion

Mobile aids us in almost every part of life, and mobile payment is one additional step toward simplification. Finding a product and comparing costs are becoming easier, so the last step—making the purchase—should also become simpler. 

Marketers who incorporate mobile payments into their future marketing plans will have an advantage. Therefore, plan ahead and get your group and yourself ready to play this card right away.

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