6 Things To Consider When Choosing A Business Phone Service

One of the most important aspects to make any business successful is your phone service. The coming in of new technology like the cloud-based phone system that brings everything under the roof and streamlines operations has seen a surge in more advanced services, and key business phone system features helping to make your companies become more efficient, and productive, and improve customer service along the way.

For starters, your business phone service is responsible for the communication between your entire team, suppliers, customers, and anyone you need to have a connection with. If you don’t have a stable business phone service, this can be a stressful situation to be in. It’s a massive hit to your operations when your phone services are bad.

Essentials In A Business Phone Service

To avoid this from happening, it’s important to accurately choose the right business phone service, so compare providers such as Nextiva vs. Grasshopper and others. Also, here are some things you have to consider:

1. Scalability

Scalability refers to your business phone service’s ability to add contacts seamlessly as you grow. You wouldn’t want to go for one wherein you’re limited only to how it is at present. This means when your business grows, you’ve got little means to expand your phone lines as well. Worse, you’ve got to change the entire system or opt for another one.

A good business phone service will give you good scalability. When your business grows, you’re going to hire more staff, which means you’re going to expand your phone lines. A good system isn’t one requiring an elaborate setup if you want to add another person on the line. Rather, it should be as simple as plugging in the new phone lines into an existing computer network.

2. Price

Like anything in your business, the budget is always a concern. Even for the largest companies, price is always a general determinant of whether or not you’re going for a certain phone system.

Remember, this price doesn’t just mean the cost of acquisition and installation. This also covers the maintenance of the business phone service, which is usually a monthly expense. In choosing a business phone service provider, price isn’t always a factor of quality. You don’t necessarily have to pay for the most expensive one to have the best service.

When you choose which could fit your budget, be guided by budget-related considerations like the following:

  • Cost of repairs, service contracts, and lease agreements;
  • Number of phones that’ll be needed;
  • Number of employers that’ll need to use the phone systems;
  • Number of phone systems you feel will be added in the next coming years.

3. Availability Of Back-Up Landline

Many modern phone systems today are largely dependent on the internet connection because of all the services and features it’s able to do. But internet connectivity has its pitfalls, too. There will be some days when the connection will suffer, so it’s nice to have a backup phone landline.

The key here is to ensure that if the connection fails, you can still operate. No matter what the circumstance may be, the goal is to have business as usual.

4. Usage

After going through the features relating to budget, you’ll then proceed with thinking about your business phone service’s usage. There isn’t a universal determination for this as different organizations will have their respective systems. Determine yours based on how you intend to use the phone every day.

Typically, you’re going to want to build a phone connection with a network of functions based on your needs. This means the functions should be customized to meet the demands of your business. What you can do is to think of the phone line service you need, depending on each employee or department.

For example, in your sales and customer service department, you may want to opt for phone service with the ability to have multiple lines and hands-free options. When it comes to your front desk or admin office, a simple phone line that can do voicemail would suffice.

5. Call Volume

The call volume being referred to here isn’t how loud your phone system is, but how big it is. This means the volume of calls your phone system is receiving all at once. This is an important factor as it greatly affects how well or how bad your phone system is going to work. 

Remember, your customers shouldn’t be hampered by any limitations with your phone lines. Even when you’ve got a large volume of calls coming in, your customers should still be able to reach you. Also, properly responding to them is a must.

If your phone service lines don’t meet the needs of your business, then the danger with this is you may lose customers because they aren’t satisfied with your service. Customer service should always be a top priority to ensure lead generation.

6. Connectivity With Others Outside Of Your Business

A good phone system shouldn’t make good connectivity within your business only. Rather, it should also make for easy communication outside of your company. Your customers or clients should be accommodated accordingly. After all, these groups of individuals might be those calling your phone lines frequently for whatever concerns they have.

Among all other factors you have to consider, your customers are the most important. Here are some things you need to take note of for your incoming calls:

  • The need to reroute incoming calls to customer service representatives who aren’t busy at the moment;
  • The need to save and call back customers whose concerns haven’t yet been addressed.


With this list for you to follow, you can now opt for the best phone service for your organization. Even if your business has an email, website, or social media platform to get a hold of your customers, many day-to-day calls and operations are still largely dependent on the old-school phone. 

With the important job it plays, it’s now clear this choice isn’t something for you to rush through. The list above can help you end up with the best, so your phone service would function as efficiently as it should be doing.

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