6 Instagram Marketing Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Online Growth

Marketing Mistakes
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Instagram is a great contemporary marketing tool because it has over one billion users. That translates to a potential audience of over a billion people! Even so, you can’t afford to make marketing mistakes.

If a marketing effort goes wrong, you’ll deal with the consequences publicly. Even though people often make mistakes, it’s prudent to avoid them with social media platforms such as Instagram.  

That said, below is a list of some of the marketing mistakes to consider that could hurt online growth.  

However, with the many options for photo editing design available on the market like Picsart API, there’s no excuse for posting poor-quality photos. 

Ignoring Analytics  

Instagram analytics help marketers to monitor performance. If you want to increase engagement, metrics are your best friend. While these numbers may initially seem insignificant or confusing, ignoring them can be costly. It could lead to lower engagement rates and slow growth.  

If you’re going to change your strategy, for example, you can’t skip analytics. Monitoring relevant metrics can help you identify problems with your current scheme in time to pivot to a different one. Also, analytics can reveal which type of content your audience engages with the most.  

For example, by paying attention to the data, you could observe that the posts that contain clean humor have the most engagement. It’s a signal that people like humorous content. Therefore, the aim would be to incorporate such content to grow your profile. Another option would be to use an Instagram growth service of your choice. But all things considered, you may never reach such a conclusion if you completely ignore analytics. 

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Using Poor Quality Images and Videos  

Instagram is all about visuals. If your content doesn’t make the user laugh or pique their interest, they probably won’t engage with it. Since there are billions of users on Instagram, the volume of visual content shared through the platform is huge. Therefore, getting a user’s attention isn’t easy. So, if you want to stand out, making quality content is imperative.  

Remember, with visuals, first impressions matter. So, you want your content to make a positive first impression consistently. Mind you, Instagram likes can also help to drive traffic, too. But, if you post content with poor-quality images and videos, users certainly won’t like, react, or repost your content.   

Poor quality images don’t make people pay attention to your content. However, with the many options for photo editing design available on the market, there’s no excuse for posting poor-quality photos. 

Absence Of A Marketing Strategy  

In short, a strategy outlines your plan to achieve a specific goal. In this instance, your goal could be to grow your brand, blog, or website. Without an effective marketing strategy, you risk making unwise decisions that could lead to wrong or unintended outcomes.  

It’s no use having a goal without having a strategy for how you want to achieve that goal. And with social media marketing spaces like Instagram, failing to plan is planning to fail. And the downside is if you fail, you fail publicly. So, it’s worth considering crafting a sound strategy if you haven’t made one already. Further, you can also use the best-ever Instagram tools for increasing
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Inadequate Engagement With Followers  

Social media exists primarily to facilitate engagement. In addition, users are social, and they value responsiveness. Users expect this from businesses, especially regarding customer complaints. Therefore, engaging with your audience is imperative for online growth.  

Also, consider the fact that Instagram isn’t just a marketing platform, it’s an interactive platform too. Not engaging with your audience gives off the impression that you don’t prioritize customer service, which won’t reflect well on you or your brand. Even if it’s impossible to respond to every single comment or direct message, at least try to respond to as many as you can.  

Moreover, realize that every comment you receive is an opportunity to chat with your customer and to create a wonderful customer experience. By not engaging with your followers, you miss out on an immense opportunity to build a good rapport with you and your audience. If you engage with your followers, they’ll engage with you and engagement leads to online growth

Not Adding A Link In The Bio  

Ideally, your Instagram bio need not be too lengthy, nor does it have to be overly promotional. It should be concise and include a compelling call to action. If your goal is to drive traffic to your blog or website, include a link in your bio or call to action to direct users to your webpage.  

Consider this scenario. If a user is interested in trying out your product, they can simply click that link with ease. But if you don’t include a link in your bio, the user won’t know how to find your website. If users struggle to navigate your site, they will start looking at other options. So, adding your link is vital for site visibility.   

Using Too Many Hashtags  

While hashtags are a fantastic way to drive traffic, don’t overuse them. The key is moderation. In most cases, you’ll only need to use perhaps one or two hashtags per post. Using too many hashtags makes your content look like spam. It devalues the quality of the post.  

Therefore, with hashtags, realize that quality is better than quantity. Two or three great hashtags can create a better impression than 15 poor ones.  


Marketers need to avoid mistakes because, with Instagram, mistakes can have public consequences. These consequences may adversely affect your online growth. To avoid making such mistakes, have a solid strategy, post good quality content consistently, pay attention to analytics, and interact with users. Also, create beautiful visuals. All these will ensure you reap the benefits of your Instagram marketing campaign.

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