6 Effective Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales Quickly

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Running an eCommerce website comes with ups and downs. You may witness a massive spike in sales one month but only make a handful the following month. That’s natural, especially considering sales numbers change depending on the time of year, your marketing efforts, and what’s currently trending. Some months are busier than others, and there’s not much you can do about that!  
Experiencing a prolonged dip is less than ideal for eCommerce business owners. When this happens, you will likely ask yourself, “where did I go wrong?”. The truth is, it’s not always your fault; sometimes, these things happen. Fortunately, you don’t have to sit there and accept it. To get your sales numbers back to where they ought to be (and, hopefully, even higher!), here are six effective ways to increase your eCommerce sales quickly.

1: Improve Sales Onboarding

The quality of the sales team plays a critical role in the number of sales. Your sales will suffer if you have a poor sales team with little training or experience. On the other hand, a highly trained sales team will produce excellent results. If your sales team is less than perfect, look at the onboarding process to see if it’s good enough. Start by reading What is Sales Onboarding? – Allego to understand what sales onboarding is and how it works. Get it right, and you’ll have a team of effective salespeople that drives tons of sales faster than ever before.

2: Plan a Promotion

There is a simple but highly effective solution for quick eCommerce sales: running a promotion. Its simplicity is why it works. By offering a discount, consumers will be attracted to your product and want to buy it. Plan your promotion carefully, choosing the right products and price tags based on market research. If you have a brand-new product, for example, running a sale on that for the first few weeks will help spread the word and attract new customers.

3: Make Use of Your Email List

Email marketing works well for fast sales because it reaches users quickly, and these are usually people who have already shown an interest in your brand. Luckily, as an eCommerce business, you have likely built a list of customers over time. Now is the time to use it! You probably already schedule marketing emails, but an email detailing a brand-new, exclusive promotion will likely do better than any of those, especially if you personalize the email.

4: Collaborate with an Influencer

To increase sales quickly, your brand must attract more attention. One effective way of doing that is collaborating with an influencer. This involves getting a promotion on an influencer’s social media page or blog, which will encourage their followers to shop with you. It’s not enough to work with any influencer, though – you must think carefully about which influencer you choose. Don’t just consider the number of followers; also consider who those followers are. Working with a micro-influencer can be as beneficial as a macro-influencer, especially if the smaller influencer fits your brand’s niche.

5: Offer a Beginner’s Product

Some consumers are cautious about what they spend money on online. As a result, many of them choose to shop at familiar stores. That way, they know what to expect. To push them out of their comfort zone to shop with a new store like yours, show them it’s worth it. That’s where offering a beginner’s product with a lower price tag comes in handy; it will entice new customers. For example, if you sell high-end skincare products, attract new buyers by offering a selection of sample sizes at a lower price.

6: Prevent Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is common, and you can’t prevent it all of the time. You can, however, reduce how much it happens by making the checkout process simple for the average user. Using plenty of calls to action, adding exit-intent popups, and streamlining the checkout process will prevent many customers from abandoning their carts before fulfilling the order. In turn, your store will receive more sales. You could even offer discounts as a way to entice them back to an abandoned cart.
Increasing eCommerce sales can be a challenge on its own. Doing it quickly can be even more of a challenge. It’s worth it, considering how you need sales for your eCommerce store to succeed. Use the above sales-boosting strategies, and your eCommerce store will surely get busier than ever. Don’t forget to track your success so that in the future you can see what works and what doesn’t!

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