6 E-Commerce Website Design Tips To Boost Sales

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Your website is your storefront with an online business, and it significantly influences how many of your visitors convert to customers. Your website design makes it easier for your visitors to engage with your business. Notably, the first thing a visitor interacts with when they visit your site is your web design. This includes the page layout, structure, and elements such as fonts, colors, and other things that make a website appealing. 

In just a few seconds, a user will judge your credibility and professionalism, so you need to make a good impression with your website design. To help you convert your web visitors to customers and improve your bottom line, look at these web design tips to boost sales:

1. Ensure The Design Is Responsive

Most internet users own smartphones and other mobile devices, and they find accessing web content on handheld devices more convenient. Therefore, your website design needs to be responsive. This is a design that makes your site adapt to whichever screen a visitor is using. It allows a visitor to have the same experience as they would access the site on a desktop.    

Because more visitors will potentially visit your site on their mobile devices, it’s a critical design aspect that can help boost your sales significantly. Reputable web development and design companies can adequately offer responsive website design services, whether you need a new site, an upgrade, or a redesign. 

2. Keep The Design Simple

In an attempt to have all features and graphic elements you think your users will need, you can end up with a web design that’s a bit overwhelming to your site visitors. This can drive them away instead of converting them to customers. When designing an e-commerce website, simplicity is better. Get a dynamic web design company to help you put together the important design elements in a good layout without congesting the site.

Web users don’t want to be lost while navigating and trying to get to the products they need. Making the navigation process lengthy and complicated is a design mistake that can cost you sales You can also see some of the best web design services. What you need to do is to approach the design process from the user’s perspective and remove anything that creates barriers in your way.

The best practice is to ensure users can get to whatever they need with only a click or two. In addition, the content needs to be readable, having clear fonts, menus, buttons, and easily identifiable navigation features. The point is to create a clear path to help your visitors buy your products.

And if designing your website can be too much work for you as you run your e-commerce business, you can always outsource it to website or graphic design firms. And they will create a professional and well-designed e-commerce website. This includes the page layout, structure, and elements such as fonts, colors, and other things that make a website appealing.

3. Use High-Quality Images

Another way to boost sales with your website design is by improving the quality of your images. This plays a significant role in keeping your site visitors interested and engaged. Human beings are highly receptive to images. This may explain why using quality visuals can radically boost sales as visitors can better understand and imagine what a product looks like in real life.

In fact, a study showed that 67% of e-commerce consumers reported that the image of a product plays a vital role in their product selection. Visitors may shy away from buying products that they can’t see clearly, impacting conversion rates and sales. If you want to improve sales, get professionally done product images for your site.

4. Speed Up Your Website

Slow websites increase bounce rates, which leads to massive loss of revenue. If your website doesn’t load fast, you’ll miss out on a lot of business. However, you can boost your page load time considerably and earn more from sales with web design. If you want to see your current page load times, run a page speed insight test.

If you see that your site’s speed is somewhat slow, take the necessary actions to make it load faster. You can also get page speed services offered by digital marketing companies at a cost.

5. Design Better Calls To Action (CTAs)

A good e-commerce website design focuses on the action you want your site visitors to take. If your visitors stay long enough to want to take the next step, they’ll look for CTAs to help them move forward. If your website has no clear CTAs to direct your audience on how to proceed, you’ll end up losing sales that you’d have made otherwise.

On the other hand, a web design with CTAs standing out can increase sales noticeably. Ensure they’re also descriptive as to what happens when a customer clicks on them. Instead of having vague CTA buttons without any explanatory information, use descriptive tags such as ‘click here to place your order’ to get more conversions.

Having well-designed and easy-to-find CTAs increases audience engagement and leads visitors along, which can boost sales.

6. Make The Checkout Process Simple And Seamless 

Since you’re trying to make sales, don’t let your visitors struggle to checkout. It’s quite unfair to you if you’ve created a great site that leads visitors to the sales funnel only to lose them at checkout. Avoid asking customers to sign up at the end; instead, allow them to check out as guests. Let them fill in only the necessary details and have clearly labeled fields and buttons.

It’s also essential to provide a preview of their carts to allow them to review specifically what they’re buying as well as how much. Also, don’t wait until the last step at checkout to show shipping charges or other fees that go with the purchase. If you do this, it might impact negatively your credibility as a trustworthy merchant. There’s a high likelihood of them abandoning the purchase at that stage.

It also helps to tell your customers how you’ll protect or use the information they share with you.


Building a website is easy, but designing one that’s appealing, intuitive, and accessible requires more effort. Your website design should help you effectively convert visitors to customers by attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. Putting in a little more work when designing your e-commerce website can pay off by boosting sales and giving you a high return on investment.

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