58 Time-Saving Apps to Streamline Your Small Business

Streamline Your Small Business

For small-to-medium business owners who wear many hats, the workload and responsibility of running the business can be overwhelming. However, thanks to evolving technology, some of that burden can be relieved, or at least managed in a more efficient (and sometimes even fun) way! Here are 58 apps that can help with some of those tasks that burden SMB owners and managers.

Whether it is getting a better night’s rest to allow for greater productivity during the day, managing team projects more effectively, building to-do lists with built-in reminders, or drawing on the latest financial tools to make better informed decisions about your business’s future, these apps can streamline your small business  just a little bit easier.


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59 Apps To Streamline Your Small Business

  1. 1Password – Remembers your passwords and stores sensitive information such as PIN numbers, documents, credit cards and more.
  2. 1-3-5.com – Prioritize tasks and manage your day by selecting 1 big task, 3 medium tasks and 5 small tasks to accomplish each day.
  3. 17hats – Designed for “businesses of one,” 17hats was created to be an all-in-one app that allows you to streamline and manage all aspects of your business, from contacts, calendars and lists to bookkeeping, workflow, and email.
  4. AddAppt – Manage contacts better with real time updates as contact information changes among your contacts.
  5. AirFile – Manage and access all of your clouds in one place, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Office 365 Sharepoint and others.
  6. AppointyAn online scheduling tool that allows customers to self schedule appointments.
  7. Any.do – Any.do allows you to sync personal tasks, work tasks and shared lists to manage your tasks and your time more efficiently.
  8. Asana – Easily manage team projects from start to finish with Asana’s task, project, conversation and dashboard tools.
  9. Boomerang – A plug-in for Gmail, Boomerang allows you to schedule emails for later and set email reminders.
  10. Boxmeup – Track and manage containers and their contents by creating QR codes for containers that are matched with searchable lists of container contents.
  11. CamCard – Scan business cards and capture contact information with your smartphone’s camera. Exchange electronic business cards and manage contacts.
  12. Carrot – The “to-do list with a personality,” Carrot will get snarky if you don’t complete the items on your list.
  13. Clear – A simple, elegant no-frills approach to task management.
  14. Cyfe – Manage social media, analytics, marketing, sales and support data from an all-in-one dashboard.
  15. Dashlane – An easy-to-use password organizer.
  16. Dragon Dictation – Go hands-free and save time by dictating emails, text messages, and social media updates.
  17. Dropbox – Access files from your smartphone or tablet.
  18. Evernote – Create and share searchable to-do lists, notes and sketches.
  19. Expensify – Streamline and simplify the expense reporting and approval process for your business.
  20. Fiverr – Quickly find and hire for a variety of small tasks on this “micro-freelancing” platform.
  21. Flyp – Create numerous dedicated phone numbers all on your one mobile phone for various aspects of your life, both professional and personal.
  22. Free Agent – Manage your business’s accounting processes, from expenses and time tracking to estimates, invoices and cash flow all from one app.
  23. Fuze – Easily organize instant online video or audio-only meetings.
  24. Harvest – Track employee time and expenses; create and share invoices. This article will give you an in depth review of the Harvest time tracking app to help you make an informed decision.
  25. IFTTT – Connect apps and social media platforms to automate processes using simple “if this, then that” recipes.
  26. InDinero – Provides financial tools and data to understand, run and grow your small business.
  27. Insightly – Includes a CRM with a social component as well as project management functionality.
  28. IntuitMint – Get credit scores, create customized budgets, manage your  money, and receive personalized tips and advice.
  29. Kanban Flow – Boost team and individual productivity by creating visual displays of work and tracking team progress towards specific goals.
  30. Last Pass – An easy to use password management tool.
  31. Lucy Phone – Allows you to avoid down time while being on hold. Lucy Phone holds your spot in the call queue and rings you back when the call reaches an agent.
  32. Mind Jet – A mind mapping tool that allows you to create flow charts, diagrams and other visualizations.
  33. My Minutes – Set goals, schedule tasks and track time expenditures.
  34. Nimble – A user friendly social sales and marketing CRM.
  35. OmniFocus – A time management tool that incorporates and contextualizes personal and professional topics, allowing you to accomplish more.
  36. PayPal – Send money to other PayPal users in the U.S. and around the world. Money is instantly available for use online or for withdrawal.
  37. PhoneTag – Converts voicemails to text and delivers content via email or text messages.
  38. Planable – Social media collaboration tool for teams that want to streamline their workflow.
  39. Pocket – Save content that you discover from across the web directly from your browser to read or watch later.
  40. Polaris Office – View, share and edit any MS Office, PDF, TXT file or other document all in one place. Connects with all your favorite cloud storage platforms.
  41. Pushover – Create real time notifications for your mobile device.
  42. Remember the Milk – Create and share to-do lists; receive email, text or Twitter reminders and notifications.
  43. Rescue Time – Productivity tools and personal analytics to show how you are spending your time and help you manage it better.
  44. Scanner Pro – Turn your iOS device into a portable scanner.
  45. SelfControl – Block access to distracting websites or mail servers for a self-determined period of time. You won’t be able to access those sites until the timer expires, even if you restart your computer or delete the app.
  46. SignEasy – Sign digital documents securely and legally.
  47. Skype – Free messaging, voice and video calls.
  48. Slack – A messaging app for teams. Organize messages into public and private channels and direct messages.
  49. Sleep Cycle – The Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during your lightest phase of sleep.
  50. Slice – Track everything you buy online. Slice grabs tracking numbers from your emails, keeps you informed about product recalls, and provides easy access to receipts.
  51. Speaktoit Assistant – A personal assistant that performs tasks, answers questions, notifies you about events and more.
  52. Stop, Breathe and Think – A simple, easy-to-use tool with guided meditations and mindfulness exercises designed for busy people.
  53. Streak – A CRM that fits in your inbox, Streak allows you to manage contacts, send personalized automated emails, schedule emails, and set notifications all within Gmail.
  54. TimeRabbit – A utility that tracks how much time you spend on Facebook.
  55. Trello – A project management tool that allows you to create project boards and easily assign and track tasks.
  56. TripIt – TripIt collects and compiles all your travel itineraries into one master itinerary.
  57. Unroll.me – Quickly and easily unsubscribe from subscription and marketing emails, and combine the emails you still wish to receive into one single daily digest.
  58. Workflow – Automate actions you perform on your device by building workflows. Store  and share workflows as apps.
  59. Zapier – Connect apps and use event-based automation to automate repetitive tasks.

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