5 Ways to Ensure Effective Remote Working in Your Business

If you’re running an online business that sees you avoiding a designated workplace, then you’ll want to make sure that your remote working is always done with efficiency in mind. Whether you have a small, remote team running your e-commerce shop, or whether you primarily work alone but deal with a variety of outsourced workers, suppliers or contacts remotely, there are plenty of ways you can always ensure that you’re working remotely in the right way. Here’s how. 

  1. Plan a Communication Schedule

Working remotely means that you will have to plan time to communicate with all relevant parties. It’s not easy to check in with many people if you’re all working from different locations. A communication schedule or using a meeting note app can help everybody to remain on the same page and ensure nothing is missed.

This could be a set time every day when every team member sends an email to update anything. It could be scheduling in a video call once a week with everyone to catch up. Whatever works for your business, as long as everyone is staying in touch. 

  1. Equipment is Key 

Outside of a workplace environment, employees need to make sure that they have everything they need to do their job from where they will be working. This means equipment they can rely on and which always maintains a dependable connection. Therefore areas of technology such as smartphones, computers, or tablets which run smoothly will be an advantage, as will strong remote connection capabilities like using a secure VPN

  1. Take Advantage of Meet Ups From Time to Time

Working remotely doesn’t mean that you never have to see others in person. Regular meet-ups can be very helpful for efficiency, communication, and discussing of ideas. You could rent a temporary private office space, like with Office Evolution, to hold a team meeting, or if you need a set amount of time to work in an office environment with others within your business before you return to remote working. To keep your meetings on track, it’s best practice to use a team meeting agenda that your whole team can access.

These meetings where you bring everyone together can be beneficial for discussions, appraisals, or planning big business ideas

  1. Have a Clear System in Place 

There should be set instructions regarding what remote workers should do in any event. If problems arise, employees need to know what the procedure is, such as who they should contact and whether they should email or telephone, for example. 

The structure is key, and you don’t want remote workers to be left stuck and uncertain if they encounter a problem and cannot contact those in charge for assistance. 

  1. Pay Attention

When managing a remote team, it’s important to be tuned in to your employees’ behavior. Pay attention to any changes in routine or if you sense anything to be worthy of further investigation. It could be that an employee hasn’t checked in for a while, has missed your scheduled video call appointment, or something in an email which warrants further questions. When you don’t have face to face contact to go off, it’s important to put in extra effort to ensure everything is as it should be.

Using these five tips, you can make sure that your remote team is as organized and motivated as it should be. 

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