5 Types of Coworking Spaces You Will Be Impressed By

Coworking Spaces

There are so many different types of coworking spaces popping up these days, it can be hard to keep track! But don’t worry, because I’ve researched for you. Here are five types of coworking spaces that will make you say “wow.” From eco-friendly options to dog-friendly ones, there’s a space for everyone. So get out there and explore – who knows, you might just find your perfect working home away from home.

1.      Coworking spaces for parents

Family coworking spaces are a relatively new concept that is becoming increasingly popular among working parents. This type of arrangement can be beneficial for several reasons, including the ability to spend more time together and the convenience of having childcare on-site. In addition, family coworking spaces often include special amenities such as nursing rooms and lactation consultants. This allows working mothers to have access to the support they need to continue breastfeeding while they are back at work. Family coworking spaces are typically located near other family-friendly businesses such as restaurants and playgrounds, making it easy for working parents to find childcare and entertainment options for their children. As the demand for family-friendly coworking spaces continues to grow, more and more of these businesses are likely to pop up in communities across the country.

2.      Pet-friendly coworking spaces

Pet-friendly coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate their furry friends into their work lives. There are several advantages to this trend, including the fact that it can help to boost morale and improve productivity. However, there are also a few potential downsides to consider. For example, pets can sometimes be disruptive and may not be well-suited to every type of work environment. Additionally, pet-friendly coworking spaces may require special amenities, such as designated areas for walking and relief, which can add to the space’s cost. Overall, whether or not a pet-friendly coworking space is right for your business will depend on a variety of factors. But with the right policies and procedures in place, these spaces can be successful and enjoyable for both humans and animals alike.

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While the concept of a pet-friendly coworking space may be appealing to some, there are also a few potential drawbacks. For example, not all workers feel comfortable around animals, and the presence of pets could create additional noise and distractions. Additionally, pet-friendly policies could present difficulties for those with allergies or other special needs. Overall, pet-friendly coworking spaces offer some unique solutions but may not be ideal for everyone. If you’re afraid that your dog or cat will distract some of the members, just try to work in a private space or quiet room, which you can easily book online if your coworking space has a coworking management system. Additionally, pet-friendly coworking spaces may require special pet policies and amenities, such as designated areas for walking and relief, which can add to the space’s cost.

3.      Wellness coworking spaces

These spaces are designed to promote healthy lifestyles and provide special amenities like yoga studios and fitness centers. desk space can be rented on a monthly basis, and there are often discounts for those who commit to longer terms. In addition, many wellness coworking spaces offer a variety of events (you’ll be informed about them with the coworking app) and programs aimed at helping members stay fit and healthy. As more and more people seek to improve their wellness, these types of coworking spaces are likely to become increasingly popular.

4.      Female-focused coworking spaces

While there are many coworking spaces that cater to all types of professionals, there is a growing number of female-focused coworking spaces that offer special amenities and services designed specifically for women.

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These spaces typically feature cozy lounge areas, private nursing rooms, and on-site childcare facilities. They also often offer special events and networking opportunities tailored to their female members. In addition, many of these spaces are located in convenient locations that are easily accessible by public transportation. As more and more women enter the workforce, it’s clear that there is a demand for coworking spaces that cater to their specific needs. And with all of the benefits they offer, it’s easy to see why these female-friendly coworking spaces are becoming so popular.

5.      Virtual coworking spaces

These online spaces provide many of the same amenities as traditional coworking spaces, such as a shared desk, Wi-Fi, printer access, and coffee. However, there are also some distinct advantages and disadvantages to using a virtual coworking space. One of the biggest advantages is that virtual coworking spaces are often much cheaper than traditional spaces. They also offer greater flexibility in terms of hours and location. However, one of the main disadvantages is that virtual coworking spaces can be quite isolating. There is also a lack of face-to-face interaction with other members. Whether or not a virtual coworking space is right for you will ultimately depend on your needs and preferences.


So, you’ve just read about the most impressive and popular coworking spaces these days. We hope, that this information will help you if you’re struggling with choosing the right coworking space. Just don’t be afraid of trying something new! 

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