5 Strategies to Take Your Beauty eCommerce Store to the Next Level

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Even though people can’t get out as frequently as they used to due to the Covid pandemic, they can still see each other through video. This means that men and women all around the world will continue to desire to shine and use cosmetics.

That is why beauty eCommerce stores still make good revenue. But to really set your business apart from the rest and become a leader, you have to take a different approach. Let’s take a look at some strategies that can help you do that and achieve success.

Rethink your products

Sit down and think about your current products: 

  • Are they popular enough to accelerate growth? 
  • Should you rethink your minimum viable product?

These questions are important and you need to figure out the answers carefully.

Once you do so, outline your MVP. Conduct product discovery so that you can fill all probable gaps in your forecasting. 

This is an important step if you want to boost sales of your beauty products. Start with project documentation. Keep in mind that user stories, a feature list, and a set of priorities to follow are all included in the project documentation.

Move forward and create a prototype. Here, interactive wireframes should be created by a designer to give your concept a physical form.

Once you do that, you need to think about the technology you should use to materialize your new product ideas. You’ll know the features your product should have, how it should appear, and how it should work at this point. This will aid you in selecting the most appropriate digital technology for your beauty eCommerce store.

Lastly, after you have a better idea of the larger picture, you can estimate how much time, technological skill, and personnel it will need to launch an online beauty business. You’ll be able to make cost estimations based on this information.

Take VR (and AR) to your advantage

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The customer experience should be at the core of your business operations, and if you are looking to implement a proper customer experience transformation that will really have a strong effect on your sales figures, you should definitely take VR (and AR) to your advantage. This AI-based technology has helped many companies increase their conversion rates considerably.

Perfect Corp, the world’s leading AR business, teamed with Alibaba group a few years ago to incorporate its YouCam Makeup AR virtual try-on technology into Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall online shopping experiences.

As a result, Chinese consumers now have access to new virtual try-outs. Alibaba stated that they had raised their conversion significantly after only six months of employing Perfect Corp’s AR technology.

Since then, the beauty business has advanced in leaps and bounds, with AI, AR, and VR being integrated into well-known companies like MAC, NARS, and L’Oreal. If this kind of technology was good for them, there is no reason why it wouldn’t be of benefit to your business.

Don’t be afraid to consult your customers when making adjustments

When it comes to raising conversion rates, most businesses fall into the trap of sitting behind their screens.

The thing is, growing a website store requires more than just improving the user experience. It’s all about putting the consumer first and designing your store in such a way that it offers everything a customer requires to make a purchase.

Call them, strike up a conversation, and learn about their life and why they use your products. If this sounds like too much, at the very least, introduce a survey and politely request that they complete it to assist you in identifying the problematic areas of your organization. For this, use the email addresses from your customer database.

Emphasize the outcome

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People don’t buy beauty items just because they want more. They aren’t purchasing eyeliner solely for the purpose of purchasing eyeliner.

Instead, they purchase products because of the results they provide. They use them to make themselves feel wonderful, confident, and gorgeous. To give them a distinctive look.

And whatever beauty product you use, it’s merely a means to an end.

In skincare, it’s the same thing. People don’t purchase skincare creams solely for the sake of purchasing creams. They purchase it for the benefits it provides to their skin, allowing them to feel more confident and beautiful. 

The customer is concerned about the product’s outcome and that is why you must focus on it.

Create a community around your brand

Inviting people to debate your products and relevant concerns is the most effective technique to engage an audience. And most beauty customers will gladly accept such an invitation.

For instance, create a blog or forum on your store’s website or on another platform. This way, you’ll stay in touch with your customers, generate new leads, and educate your audience about your products.

Reviews can also help to develop a sense of community, allowing customers to rate products, add photos, and leave comments.


The beauty eCommerce industry, which has always been at the forefront of eCommerce innovation and reinvention, did not disappoint in the previous year. And the year to come won’t be any different, so make sure you prepare your store for the next level with the tips you have just seen.

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