5 Online Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

Online Marketing

Online marketing as a small business owner Is important in order to reach customers and clients online, to generate more business and create an engaged community. 

You also know that you don’t have the resources or budget of larger corporations and brands, so your online marketing strategy needs a content marketplace to be different and more effective than theirs to succeed in today’s marketplace. 

Here are five online marketing tactics that will get you started on the right foot.

Facebook Ads

While there are other platforms to advertise on, Facebook is king when it comes to small businesses. 

The power of Facebook advertising lies in its precision. You can select your ideal customer and target them accordingly with specific interests and demographics. With this, you can easily receive Facebook leads and make them customers

You can also use ad placement to show your ads only to people who like certain pages or live in a certain location. Again, targeting by industry and geographic location could be very important depending on what you’re selling.

Videos on YouTube

YouTube is one of the best ways to promote your business to a younger demographic, particularly since you can produce videos at a meager cost. 

The video doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive—it just needs to get your message across. Start by recording a short how-to video around your products or services, so viewers know exactly what they’re getting before they buy. 

If you already have an existing site with good search engine optimization, consider creating how-to videos that can rank highly in search results when people are looking for help. 

When making these videos, always link back to your website, so visitors don’t think you’re giving away insider secrets without compensation.

Facebook Messenger Bots

When it comes to messaging, Facebook Messenger plays a crucial role, and businesses are finding ingenious ways to leverage it. 

If you’re looking to stand out in your customers’ social media feeds, Facebook Bots may be worth considering. The technology is still relatively new, but consumer adoption is expected to grow rapidly over time. 

This tactic helps small businesses communicate with their customers personally (and at scale). 

PPC Ads on Google

One of Google’s most popular forms of advertising is pay-per-click (PPC) ads. PPC means you only pay when people click on your ad. 

You can create a text or image-based ad that will appear in search results, typically under Sponsored Links—and you can change your ads to target different keywords and phrases at any time.

Instagram Stories

Instagram recently added Stories, which lets you publish posts, images, and videos that last up to 24 hours, and they’re a great way to market your small business. 

They allow you to share a peek into your brand and showcase behind-the-scenes access but still push people back to your profile. 

You can even overlay a quick call-to-action or link in your Stories. In other words, this feature is pure gold for marketers.


Your website is your most crucial marketing tool, so it’s important to work on it continually. 

Use these online marketing tactics to create a steady stream of traffic to your site and, with any luck, new business partners. 

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