In this digital age, it is not unusual to find yourself in the position of having to extract text from a picture to make it editable. It is particularly true given our reliance on paper documents, which can only convert to digitally editable formats using OCR software.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a pattern recognition artificial intelligence-based technique used to recognize text within a picture and convert it into an editable digital document.

This article will provide a list of many optical character recognition (OCR) programs that can assist you in extracting text from pictures on various devices. Depending on your requirements, one of these tools should be suitable for your business needs.

What Exactly Is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

When pictures are converted to written text using OCR (Optical character reader/recognition), the process is known as optical character recognition. Various kinds of OCR software are available that can help you extract text from images and turn them into searchable files. These programs take a wide range of picture formats and convert them into widely used file formats such as word, excel, and plain text. Individuals and companies alike may benefit from these solutions, making document management and cloud storage quick and simple.

What Role Does It Play In The Business World?

Copying text from pictures takes time, but with an online picture-to-text converter, the job of hours can complete in minutes. The tool improves your company’s productivity since it allows you to save a significant amount of time in other ways. This method may also assist you in lowering the extra expenses you may be incurred by paying employees to manually interpret a text from pictures and write it down on the computer.

Top 5 Best Image To Text Conversion Tools for Business

  1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo’s photo to image converter is a completely free application. In addition to this tool, the Prepostseo provides various other tools to assist in the resolution of associated technical issues. Prepostseo technologies assist in the conversion of images to text without the need for any additional registration fees. It permits you to upload several files at a similar time if you so want. It takes appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of the client’s information.

It is effective in comprehending and delivering text utilizing picture OCR, which may be written in any style and font and any language. It is also capable of recognizing mathematical equations, which is fantastic. Furthermore, it is capable of identifying more than 100 different languages. In addition to English, it supports several other western languages.

  1. imagetotext.info

It is a straightforward free OCR program that provides all of the fundamental features you could need from this kind of software. It is a Windows-only OCR program that claims to provide the highest level of accuracy possible. It works with everything of the main picture formats, as well as Photoshop documents.

With regular text, it does an admirably thorough job, saving the converted text in either the DOC or TXT format once the conversion is complete. Instead of utilizing a template structure, the program scans the paper for important information using artificial intelligence. 

As a bonus, it’s one of the quickest and slickest OCR applications available. Like all the greatest apps, it integrates a slew of solid functions within a straightforward and easily navigable graphic design service.

  1. Myfreeocr

It is a reliable and scalable document imaging and data extraction program that automatically converts documents of any format, language, or content into valuable and accessible business-ready data. It designs to use in a variety of environments. Furthermore, the OCR software allows you to submit transformed PDF files to pre-programmed processes without having to do anything manually. 

Additionally, a built-in spelling checker assists you in correcting any mistakes that may have occurred throughout the conversion process. It is an uncommon function in it. It enables users to store the extracted text to various cloud storage providers, making it a valuable tool.

  1. Pdfsimpli

Pdfsimpli is the most advanced optical character recognition (OCR) software available on the market today, and it is the ideal solution for anybody who requires quick and precise text recognition. This OCR performs well when dealing with large volumes of material, and it includes sophisticated correction capabilities for more challenging jobs.

A built-in spellchecker is available to you to identify any inconsistencies in the converted text. While some people are concerned that this OCR does not work well, when extracting text from handwritten notes, the reality is that it performs exceptionally well when using a printed version.

  1. Text-image.com

Another best OCR tool for business documents is text-image.com. This is a web-based program for word processing, including editing tools and style to help you format text and paragraphs. Aside from that, it has an OCR function that allows you to transform PDF files into editable text at no charge.

The layout and critical components of a document are also detected automatically by the program. It also allows you to extract information from various documents and display it in a tabular format. Furthermore, you may share your papers with anybody, and they will view those documents in real-time. 

This tool enables you to modify its OCR tool to meet your requirements. Automatic scanning, as well as manual scanning, allow you to have complete control over your text transfer. Furthermore, you have the option of archiving your document and adding limitations to restrict the ability to modify and duplicate it.


Businesses are increasingly relying on technology to accelerate growth, and optical character recognition (OCR) software has emerged as a crucial solution in this context. As you can realize from the above list, there is a large number of free online tools available on the market that utilize Optical Character. Recognition software packages to convert images into text for you to choose from. As a result, I hope this post has assisted you in identifying the tool that best meets your desires and saves you valuable time.

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