5 Features to Add to Your eCommerce Site

There are currently thousands of eCommerce stores online, with more being added every day. No matter what niche your eCommerce site is in, you likely have some significant competition. It’s, therefore, important that you make your website as strong as it possibly can be. There are a few key features that you should look to add to your eCommerce site to ensure you’re not only keeping up with your competition but getting ahead of them. Below are some of the best features to add to your website if you haven’t already.

Best Sellers Section

The first thing to add is a “Best Sellers” section. In this section, you showcase your most popular products. You can do this on your home page and on other product pages. Since these are your most popular products, it makes sense that these are the products your audience wants the most. By making them easier to find, you can increase sales of these products even more.

According to Fast Simon, a good strategy to adopt is creating “a best sellers section that is automatically updated based on your sales, thanks to an AI-powered tool”. If you can find software that automatically updates your Best Sellers section for you, you’ll have a popular feed on your website that you don’t have to do anything with. This will then not only draw in more sales but not cost you any additional time to get them.

Personalized Recommendations

Similar to a Best Sellers section, you should also have a Personalized Recommendations section. In this section, you’ll show users products that you think they will like. How can you determine what products each visitor likes? There are a few methods.

For one, you can track the pages that the customer visits using browser cookies, then show recommendations related to those other products. Another option is to have your customers create accounts on your eCommerce site, then show recommendations based on their past purchases. Showing personalized recommendations is a great way to help customers find products they might be interested in and generate additional sales.

Chatbot Feature

A chatbot is an automated customer service tool. It appears on all pages of your website and gives customers the opportunity to ask questions. With a chatbot, you preprogram responses based on common questions. The chatbot can then search through its database of answers and provide help to customers in just a matter of seconds.

For example, a customer may want to know more about your return policy or when a certain product will be back in stock. Rather than using up the time of your customer service agents on basic questions, the chatbot can answer them right away. This is an easy feature to add that will greatly improve your customer’s experience while also reducing the number of inquiries that your customer service agents need to handle.

Email List Subscription

A key way to generate return customers is by contacting them through their email. By sending out personalized emails, such as discounts on their birthdays, sales on products they like, a company newsletter, and more, you give them an incentive to return to your site. However, before you can do this, you need to capture their email address.

To do this, add an email list subscription feature to your website. This is an area of your website where users can submit their email addresses to receive product updates and information on sales. Many eCommerce platforms choose to have this section either on the side of the page or as a popup window. Experiment with both to see which yields better results. Also, be sure to let your customers know the benefits of subscribing, as most people will not give you their email address for no reason.

Social Media Integration

Finally, look to integrate your social media accounts with your eCommerce site. This means a few things. First, it’s a good idea to link to your social platforms on each page of your website, so that interested customers can easily follow you on those accounts. Next, give customers the option to share their recent purchase on their own social pages after they buy something. If they do, this can greatly expand your marketing reach and you don’t have to do any work for it.

Finally, be sure you are providing updates on your social media pages. When a product comes back in stock, when you launch a new product, or when something goes on sale, promote it on your social channels. If you can automate this process, you’ll save a lot of time and ensure you don’t forget.

Start Working to Improve Your eCommerce Site

The above are some basic features that every eCommerce site should have. If your site doesn’t have some of them yet, now is the perfect time to explore adding them. Most are easy to add and once you do, they begin to provide your store with benefits and continue to do so for a long time.

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