5 Essential Tips for Your Ecommerce Startup

The ecommerce industry is a very competitive one which is changing all the time. This means that any new startup looking to carve out a slice of the market needs to be able to stand out from the crowd. Your operation and processes need to be quick and simple for your customers to maximize conversion rates, but your branding also needs to be different enough to be memorable and engaging. If you are considering launching (or are about to launch) an ecommerce business, make sure you read this guide for insight and top tips on setting up and growing an ecommerce startup. 

1. Get a High-Speed Internet Connection

To manage your online business, you will need an internet connection, but it’s essential that you get the best possible service you can afford. High-speed and reliable internet that is strong enough to provide streaming services is the ideal choice to prevent your connection from dropping out. 

2. Give Customers a Reason to buy from you again

When a customer purchases from you for the first time, what incentives do you have on offer that could encourage them to buy from you again in the future? Many ecommerce businesses offer online discount codes for returning customers and while this can be effective, you might want to consider thinking a bit more creatively. Giving customers something extra when they receive their purchase such as a handwritten note or a small free gift can put a real smile on the customer’s face. If you can personalize the gift or message, this is even better as it shows the customer they are valued as an individual.

3. Have a clear mission and vision for your business

Besides wanting to turn a profit, what does your business stand for? Do you have a company ethos and/or brand values that customers should know about? Brands that are driven by a purpose and are motivated by something other than money are much more attractive to the average consumer. Think about your target customers and what issues are important to them when they are making purchases such as the environment or supporting charitable causes.

4. Research your target customers

It’s unlikely that your target audience will be made up of a single demographic and this is where customer segmentation becomes key. You need to research your customers to find out what they are passionate about and what kind of purchases they are likely to make. This will not only influence your product or service but also your communications and marketing strategy. 

5. Surround yourself with an enthusiastic and committed team

While startups often begin with one or two dedicated individuals, as the business grows, you will need to expand your team. It’s important that you take on employees who share your brand’s values and are enthusiastic about the products your offer. When your employees are motivated and satisfied they are more likely to pass their enthusiasm on to customers and to be more productive in their work. Click here to find out how to inspire enthusiasm in your staff.

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