5 eCommerce Checkout Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

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Many eCommerce business owners approach the arrangement of their sites seriously. They widely use the capabilities of Magento 2 development to optimize stores, implement user-friendly designs, strategize marketing campaigns to attract visitors, and so on.

But many online shopkeepers miss some essential tiny things that make a difference. For example, they don’t consider various screen sizes when designing their site’s checkout without even realizing how crucial it is. Unfortunately, that leads to a high cart abandonment rate and, therefore, a loss of profit.

According to 2021 statistics, the top reasons for leaving items in the shopping cart at the payment stage in the U.S. were the following.

  • There are very high extra costs (tax, shipping, fees) – 49%.
  • The checkout requires account creation (no guest checkout option) – 24%.
  • Long delivery time – 19%.
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So how do you identify checkout mistakes and fix them to provide quality UX to the target audience and sell more? This article reveals 5 of the most common Checkout Mistakes and shows how to prevent losing customers on the checkout stage.

5 of the Most Common eCommerce Checkout Flaws

1. High Shipping Rates

Too excessive delivery charges can discourage nearly half of your store visitors from completing the payment process. Just take another look at the statistics above, 49%! This can also include cases when the shipping rates are unclear or hidden.

💡 How do you fix it?

There are two main ways to solve this problem.

  • Offer customers free shipping by including the delivery expenses into the item’s price. Alternatively, you can offer free shipping upon reaching a specific order value, which will also increase the average check.
  • Implement an online delivery cost calculator on your store’s site. In this case, the user will see where exactly the shipping costs come from and how they are calculated.
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2. Mandatory Registration

Many online stores do not offer a guest payment option, which is a drastic mistake. According to statistics, 23% of users will leave their cart’s contents unpaid if obliged to create an account.

So if you do not want to lose the lion’s share of customers, you should not force them to register.

💡 How do you fix it?

Provide a guest checkout option. Make only the most necessary data mandatory:

  • payment information;
  • shipping address;
  • contact details.

The best option is not to force users to create an account but to kindly offer this option instead. Did you know that the best moment to do so is after finishing the purchase?

As a positive example, let’s look at the payment process on the Urban Rituelle brand website. They offer the option of paying as a guest by providing only an email address, which is very convenient for customers.

3. Too Complicated Payment Process

Customers want the payment process to be as simple and fast as possible. An overly long and complicated checkout procedure can be why a significant portion of customers do not complete it. Instead, they’ll most likely purchase the items they need from a competitor who has a straightforward checkout.

💡 How do you fix it?

Simplify the payment process by removing unnecessary steps and secondary fields. It’s also worth dividing the checkout into stages so that the buyer can see how long it will take.

You can split it into several data-filling sections or implement a progress bar. This will help you reduce the number of abandoned carts and, consequently, increase the conversion rate.

To give you an example, look at how the payment process on Bloomingdale’s is organized. They divided the checkout into several steps instead of giving all the fields as a long solid block. This way, the user can fill out the fields one by one.

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4. Unsatisfactory Return Policy

Customers of online stores expect a high level of service. And one important factor is a clear return policy that meets the expectations of users. Especially since, in many cases, the reasons for returns depend not on the buyer but the seller.

Below you can check out the statistics on return shipping.

  • 92% of buyers are more likely to buy something if the store offers an easy return policy.
  • 79% of clients expect return shipping to be complimentary.
  • 67% of customers browse the return policy before placing an order.
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💡 How do you fix it?

It’s essential to design a clear return policy to reduce the number of refunds. This way, the customers are assured that if any problems arise, they will be resolved in the best way possible. This will clear the obstacles of placing and paying for the order. And will help prevent one of the most common Checkout Mistakes.

5. Small Choice of Payment Methods and Currencies

You’ll lose about 7% of the customers if you don’t provide enough choices of payment methods. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your buyers have the opportunity to pick the most suitable option for them.

💡 How do you fix it?

Ask yourself: do you provide the customers with enough payment methods according to their preferences and location? Analyze all the features to see what’s missing and what needs to be enhanced.

When implementing payment methods on your eCommerce site, be sure to take regional specifics into consideration, as the preferences of countries may differ.

Besides, it’s important to let the buyer know at the very beginning of the checkout process which payment options will be available. Then the user won’t be disappointed at the end, having wasted time filling out the required data and not finding the expected payment method.

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Also, don’t forget that the total cost of the order should be displayed in the local currency for the customers’ convenience.

Wrapping Up

Developing an eCommerce business has never been as difficult as it is today. Competition in the online retail market has been breaking all records, especially since the start of the pandemic. This forces sellers to fight for customers in every way possible. And one of the most important steps is to optimize the marketplace, including the checkout process.

We’ve outlined 5 of the most common mistakes to avoid when organizing the checkout:

  1. high or unclear shipping rates;
  2. no guest checkout option;
  3. too complicated payment process;
  4. inconvenient return policy;
  5. limited range of payment methods.

Avoid these mistakes, and you will improve the efficiency of your eCommerce business.

Of course, there are many more possible checkout mistakes, and you can learn about them on your own. But I hope that this article will be a great start for you on the way to establishing an effective checkout process in the online store.

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