5 Cutting Edge Ecommerce Trends

The eCommerce industry moves quickly. You have to keep your finger firmly on the pulse and your ear glued to the ground if you want to stay with the pack and make a success of your business online. Ecommerce trends emerge due to shifting technologies, social changes, gaps in the market, and consumer paradigms. By the time this article is published, the world of online sales may have moved on again. Here are five cutting-edge eCommerce trends that are making waves in 2021. 

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Even More Search Engine Optimization

People are making even more use of eCommerce SEO services than they already were. The reason: ever-changing search engine algorithms make professional help a necessity if an eCommerce business wants to rank highly and consistently. Google is particularly willing to tweak its search algorithms in order to offer more contextual results to search engine users. At the moment, the internet giant is focusing on using machine learning technology to try and increase the context and quality ranking factor importance. Due to this, Search Engine Optimization has never been more complex or more important. 

Voice Search

AI-enhanced voice search software such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri have catapulted sound-triggered search technology into public use like never before. Ecommerce businesses are responding by tailoring their SEO and marketing strategies to better reflect the conversational nature of voice-triggered search. Optimizing a website for voice search ranking is a novel task – but one that eCommerce leaders are embracing with gusto. 


Ecommerce is not an environmentally friendly industry, by and large. International shipping, a reliance upon electricity-hungry internet, and a lack of transparency all make it an environmentally dubious endeavor. It doesn’t have to be that way. Increasingly, consumers are spending according to their moral compass – often in relation to the environment. More and more eCommerce businesses are offsetting their carbon footprint by engaging in sustainability projects and offering options such as eco-friendly shipping? This benefits the earth and benefits the bank balance of companies that can appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Although environmentally conscious consumers might seem like an easy crowd to appeal to, they need reassurance that a company can back up their claims before taking them seriously and purchasing in large numbers.  

Subscription Plans

Subscription-based eCommerce models are sweeping the industry in fields as diverse as personal hygiene and groceries. Automating subscription processes through a provider such as Chargebee not only ensures return custom and brand loyalty – it also allows companies to plan their inventory management extremely accurately. This inevitably makes financial planning far easier.

Using Big Data To Create Personalized Experiences

Consumers provide a huge amount of data as they surf the web and make purchases online. This data can be used to create personalized shopping experiences that greatly increase conversion rates. The term ‘big data’ typically refers to huge, diverse datasets that can only be analyzed and visualized computationally. Ecommerce businesses can make great use of big data. Creating personalized shopping experiences such as tailored recommendations based on previous purchases can yield great increases in conversion, as it offers users products that they’re more likely to want and be interested in. 

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