5 Benefits Of Digital Asset Management For Ecommerce Businesses

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In recent years, many people have shifted from traditional offices to working from home. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has played a huge role in this, but the signs have always been there for all to see. Some companies, however, are still reluctant to make a move, perhaps because they don’t have the necessary resources to go digital.

But what do you need as a business to make this transition? For one, your employees need to be equipped with relevant computer skills. You must also have a reliable cloud-based system that can handle internal and external requests with little to no delay. That’s where digital asset management (DAM) comes in handy. So what is this feature, and why is it important for your business? Read on to learn more.

What is digital asset management? 

Before delving into the main subject of this article, you must understand the meaning of digital asset management. A digital asset, as the name suggests, is content stored digitally. They include videos, photos, scanned images of receipts, and other similar resources. 

On the other hand, DAM refers to a content management system designed to store and manage these assets. All digital files produced by your business, from recorded audio to photos, can be stored here for future reference. Here are some benefits of investing in a reliable digital asset management system:

  1. Streamlines administrative processes

As mentioned earlier, a DAM allows businesses to store their digital resources in a centralized location. This can be a local or remote server that can be accessed by anyone granted the authority. One important feature that every digital asset management system has is storing and categorizing files based on various factors like location, size, name, and time.

Therefore, it reduces any bottlenecks that might hinder admin processes. Accessing a given file, for instance, takes only a few clicks. This gives your team more time to focus on other pressing issues affecting your e-commerce business. The streamlined admin operations will, in the long run, improve the creative process and overall productivity. 

  1. Boosts collaboration 

Even for your e-commerce business, having a collaborative work environment means higher productivity levels. In most cases, employees provide the best output when they’re allowed to work with their colleagues. However, in light of recent events, working as a team has become quite tricky, especially for those companies that had no plans of investing in remote work environments.

Digital asset management, however, makes it simpler for your team to share files and make any necessary updates. As such, employees from different departments can easily work together without following long, unnecessary procedures. As a matter of fact, this is part of what you get with cloud-based technology. 

  1. Enhances marketing

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, marketing is one factor that might determine your success in the industry. Of course, there are many ways of presenting your products to potential customers. If the contemporary consumer demands are anything to go by, whichever marketing mode you choose should include videos, photos, and even memes.

However, having such a collection of resources makes it tougher for you to pick a file that best suits your advert campaign. As you’d expect, this can waste a lot of time, and you might end up spending tens of hours.

But employing digital asset management ensures that you get products to market quicker. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to access all relevant files, from photos to how-to videos. So rather than spending several hours searching through your library, you can use that time to promote your new lines on various platforms like social media. (1)

  1. Reduces margin for error

As digital files pile up in your computer drive, you always run the risk of making unnecessary mistakes. For one, you might end up with duplicate files named differently, which makes it difficult for you to get rid of junk. It’s also possible to have an image or video named by mistake. 

This might not seem like a big deal if you’re the only person accessing the library because you can make edits, though it’s not as efficiently as you’d like. However, it becomes a huge problem when you want to share these files directly with your suppliers or prospective customers. Sharing poor-quality images, dated collateral, or using random fonts paints a bad picture of your brand. 

A good DAM system will help you avoid all these issues. It allows you to make necessary changes in real time. As such, you’ll be sure that whatever you’re sharing with your clients is clean and high quality. Also, organizing your library will make it easier for you to trace a given file and share it with the next person without any time wastage. In the long run, you’ll drastically reduce any unnecessary errors that would’ve otherwise tainted your reputation.

  1. Improves brand recognition

From the benefits mentioned previously, you can see how a digital asset management system can maximize your business productivity. Another very important factor that any e-commerce business should be looking to build is its brand recognition. After all, the number of customers you attract depends on this aspect. Whatever you’re selling in the market, you’d want to paint the idea that you’re the go-to provider for this service or product.

Branding your products goes a long way in attracting consumers and your target market at first sight. Therefore, as a business, you must have all your branded materials in one centralized storage. This way, it makes it easier for you to access and choose the right file to use in every given campaign.


Digital asset management is a must-have system for any business looking to compete with other online ventures. It streamlines administrative operations, ensures high collaboration within the company, and reduces the number of errors associated with digital files. It also boosts your marketing strategies, which is also important in brand recognition. Therefore, investing in a DAM system will bring more benefits as an e-commerce business than you can imagine. 


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