4 Major Benefits of Using PayPal for Online Purchases

As digitalization becomes the new norm, traditional payment methods can increasingly be seen to evolve into digital payment methods. One of the biggest and most trusted names when it comes to online payments is PayPal. 

Paypal is an online payment processor that has earned its prominence by partnering with eBay and has become one of the most commonly accepted methods of online payments among many businesses today. PayPal offers a number of features to help process and manage the finances of individuals and companies. Here are four significant benefits of using PayPal to buy online:

1. Secure Payments

Signing up for a PayPal account requires you to add your bank accounts and credit cards that you plan to use for online purchasing through the secure system. PayPal stores this valuable financial information in its centralized system and keeps your credit card information private by encrypting this information. This ensures that no hacker can steal your account data from your online supplier. Making payments with PayPal also comes with additional security through built-in systems for fraud prevention. If your purchase payment through PayPal ends up being fraudulent, the platform guarantees to help you get your money back.

2. Flexibility

Purchasing goods or services online can be unsuccessful when your credit card gets declined. Through PayPal, you can add multiple sources of finance, including all your bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards. This feature of PayPal enables you to make purchases, pay your bills faster or transfer money to your loved ones without having you type in your account ID and passwords every single time. It ensures that your online purchasing experience goes smoothly and transactions get across in one try. PayPal looks for funds from your financing sources based on your pre-defined order preferences.

3. Cost-effectiveness

You do not need to pay annual membership fees or account registration fees to use PayPal. The only fee that it does charge is a minimal processing fee per business transaction. Using PayPal will allow you to reduce your expenditures in the longer run. 

4. Avail Discounts

PayPal has partnered with numerous retailers and therefore offers many special discounts for its customers when they shop with selected retailers through it. Users can visit shopping.paypal.com to hunt for the latest special offers from on-board companies like Barnes & Noble, HP, Nike, and Walmart. Using PayPal for your online purchases can help you save money when you shop and can indeed make you a savvy customer. All you need to do to make use of these discounts is to get a promo code from the PayPal shopping web page and copy it onto your order’s payment page. 


Research has shown that there were about 237 million active PayPal accounts in the first three months of 2018. PayPal can reasonably be expected to be the future of online purchases. It’s time you make the switch from traditional payment methods to digitalized platforms like PayPal. Get a complete guide to using PayPal to ensure your thorough understanding of this digital payment platform so you can reap the maximum benefits from it.

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