4 Fantastic Email Newsletter Campaign Ideas for Your Business

Email marketing is one of the most influential digital advertising tools out there. The main idea of email marketing is customers engagement: make them more aware of your product and improve lead generation with reminders about products they might want  Email marketing campaigns give you an opportunity to communicate with your audience directly. Also, email campaigns are more trustworthy and not as complicated as, for example, social media marketing campaigns.

However, email marketing is not only a communication tool. It can be educational as well. So, make sure that your content can enlighten your users. Try to answer these questions:

  • Why your prospects should choose you?
  • What are the pros and cons?

Obviously, your emails can answer many different questions, which could be different for each user.

Let’s see how you can make a perfect email newsletter campaigns that will make your members enjoy it.

  1. What makes you special?

Perhaps, this is the first question you’ll have to answer.  Why people should remember you? Why are you better than your competitors?

Focus on being friendly and useful. Make sure not to spam your customers with emails.

Probably, you’ll have to invest in a CRM platform that will be able to track the leads you generate, data they have shared with you, their habits, etc.

This way you’ll make newsletters that are tied to your users experience, and managing to retain prospects. 

  1. Email Newsletters With Empathy

When you know your audience, it’s easier to create content that speaks directly with them and fulfills their needs. The more relevant the information is for those people – the better chance they’ll take action in some way as well! Email newsletters are so much more than promotion of your services. It’s more about sharing valuable information like news, projects, facts or statistics that could be useful for your customers. It’s a matter of time when it will boost your authority, ROI and conversion, and bring you more leads. You have to be consistent and develop your brand’s style. This enhances trust and makes your brand recognizable. Also, this will help you to avoid the spam folder – recognizable brands are trustworthy. In addition, your newsletters design should be similar to your website.

  • Make sure that your newsletters are timely and informative. 
  • Make sure that you are transparent about the frequency of the newsletter. It is important so it will not feel like spam!
  • If you are going to send your newsletter once a week, always be on schedule. Your subscribers will eventually learn to expect it. Don’t let them down. 
  1. Personalize, Segment, and Design

The design of your email newsletters is essential. It has to be in the style of your brand. As we said, a recognizable brand style will help your customers to trust and remember you instead of your competitors. To come up with a perfect email design, you have to analyze your audience and learn what makes users pay attention. Your email newsletters should have exciting and attention-grabbing ideas.  A great way to determine that can be studying the reaction of your audience to competitors’ content. For example, if competitors use explainer videos in their newsletter, but conversion rate is low, don’t waste your time on that type of content. But on the other side, if including blog posts in their newsletter gives them a better CTR (Click Through Rate), then you should try that. 

Also, you have to be aware that:

43.1% of emails in this quarter were opened on iPhone, 16.33% on iPad, 5% on Android phones. And 34.03% were opened on a Desktop.

As we can see in the statistic, most email opens now happening on mobile devices. This means that if you designing your newsletter campaigns for desktop, but do not optimize it for mobile phones, you practically kill your campaign. Make sure to always optimize your newsletters for mobile, because users will almost never open email on device that fits more, if they encounter some broken elements.

To help you answer all of your user’s questions, we recommend that you use email segmentation. This will allow each person who has a question about prices or location receive their own personalized response from the company!

Invest in a personalized email marketing platform to help you deliver the perfect message for each individual user. Triggered campaigns and automation can be set off based on specific actions taken by your prospects, making them feel special with targeted messaging tailored just right!

To know what to anticipate, you need data. You can either create forms or questionnaires that will gather all of the information needed for understanding your audience – including their preferences and interests! 

Personalization and segmentation will help users to notice your email in a cluttered inbox. Personalize everything that you can, starting from 

«Hello [First Name]» on your subject line to «We saw you looking at X». 

Your email marketing platform should be able to segment and personalize your email newsletters in the way that your users will be convinced that your campaign was made specifically for them.

  1. Avoid Spammy Anything

As we mentioned, users are aware of email marketing that looks like spam campaigns, and it’s very easy for them to lead your campaign to the junk folder and make a spam complaint.

First, you should take care of, is making sure that your email newsletters will have interested people on their list. If they voluntarily signed up through your subscription form and gave you the correct email address, this means that they are actually expecting you to contact them.

Besides, never buy email lists. First of all, this is a direct GDPR violation. Second, an increasing number of spam complaints can harm your deliverability and ruin your customers experience.

Also, you have to be aware of specific words that trigger spam filters, such as: 

«Make $$$», «Cash», «Free», etc.

And last, but certainly not least, you have to make sure to avoid using a lot of exclamation points and capital letters. This is a common thing that spammers tend to do. Even if you’ll pass the spam filters, the recipients can always get your email newsletter flagged.


Email marketing can boost your business efforts, and email newsletter campaigns will keep you relevant. But the most priority should be preserving a sense of community through all newsletter ideas. Don’t forget to maintain your brand style, share testimonials and support local professionals. This way your prospects will invest in you as well, knowing that you are a brand that cares for them.

Author’s Bio 

Helena Sorokina is a marketing associate at and cards, in love with modern coworking space software solutions, business development, literature, and everything in between. 

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