4 Elements Of a Successful Blog Post Plus a Bonus Tips List

4 Elements Of a Successful Blog Post Plus a Bonus Tips List
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Blog posts are fun to read, especially since they are made to be skimmable for the content that you want to learn about. But what are the elements of writing a successful blog post for your business? Here we highlight five of them. 

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1. Catchy Title

You want the blog post title to catch a reader’s eye. Select the words you want to use carefully and reassure that the title itself is no more than 60 characters long. A reader may be turned off from reading a blog with too long of a title because that may mean that the body of it is overbearing as well. 

Try some of these tips to create a catchy title: 

  • Ask a question and offer a solution
    • Example: Are You Tired Of a Messy House? Here’s the Solution
    • A question with a solution can encourage readers to click on the post. 
  • Have a number at the beginning of the title so the blog post is more skimmable. 
    • Example: 10 Decluttering Tips for the Self-Proclaimed Messy Person
    • Readers can go through each numbered heading to find the suggestions that work best for them. 
  • Offer a personal touch to the title.
    • Example: My Story About Becoming a Digital Nomad. 
    • People like to read personal stories before changing their lives somehow. 

2. Small Paragraphs

Blog readers are not visiting your post to read a dissertation on your topic. They want quick and fast facts to solve the reason why they are surfing the Internet for an answer. 

Therefore, small paragraphs work best so readers can easily skim for the information they need within your blog post. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, readers may only have a limited time to read your content. 

Preferably, try to keep the paragraphs at least two to three lines to enhance the overall readability of your post. In case you are using AI tools to write the content, make sure it is written well with readable paragraphs. It should not look spammy in AI content detectors tools.

3. Links to Sources

It increases your credibility as a company if you provide sources on where you found your information. If you cite statistics from scientific studies, include a hyperlink in that sentence showing readers where you found your information. A link that is not connected to your website is called an external link. 

Encourage readers to explore your website further by including internal links to older blog posts. An internal link is a hyperlink that connects to another part of your website so readers can see more of your content. 

For example, if your blog is about home decor, integrate related blog posts in the form of hyperlinks throughout your article text. The blog post you are writing may be about living room decoration trends for 2023. Link to past posts you may have done on topics such as color theory or the top five furniture pieces to have in a living room as related topics. 

4. Have a “Related Posts” Section 

Speaking of related topics, you can also integrate a section called “Related Posts” at the end of your blog posts. This will encourage readers to keep exploring your website for useful information related to what they want to know about your company, products, services, and the overall industry.  

Bonus Tips

Take advantage of these bonus tips on how to create a successful blog post:

  • Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to scale up your traffic to your blog posts.
  • Utilize bullet points to increase the post’s readability. 
  • Integrate a meta description that briefly summarizes the blog post’s content. Place it under the title. 
  • Keep up on your company’s industry trends to think of new blog post ideas. 

Final Thoughts

If you have never thought about writing a blog post for your company, now is your sign to start brainstorming. Hire a Freelance Writer to help you out if you do not have a way with words. 

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