2013 Holiday Shoppers Spend Online

iStock_000018626164XSmallThe holiday season has officially begun! Experts are reporting that consumer confidence is up and project that will reflect in higher holiday spending for 2013. With the rise of smartphones and online shopping, this year will find a lot of holiday purchases being made online. Studies by Deloitte(via eMarketer) found that:

  • Nearly seven in 10 noted that they plan on using their smartphone during the holiday shopping season.
  • 38% of respondents reported that they’d spend at least half of their holiday shopping online.
  • 20% of holiday shoppers expect to spend 51%-75% of their holiday shopping online.
  • 45% of holiday shoppers said they’d use a social network while considering purchases.
  • The most popular reasons for holiday shoppers to use social media: researching a gift idea(48%), searching for discounts (44%), reading reviews/recommendations (40%) and browsing products (37%).

Since holiday shoppers expect to go online to spend a large amount of their shopping budget, be sure your site is holiday ready and you are using social media to help boost sales. Consider adding brief product reviews to your product description to help close the sale. Need more ideas and inspiration for the holidays? Check out these articles:

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