10 Benefits of a Knowledge Base Software for your Business

Many of us around the globe have become self-sufficient when it comes to navigating the internet and for many, it provides access to a lot of things that we might not have had if it didn’t exist. As a business, it’s essential to streamline your business processes and to make day to day functions easier. 

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A knowledge base software is a great way of collating data all in one easy to find place and it’s beneficial for many reasons both internally and externally for your customers. With that being said, here are ten benefits of a knowledge base software for your business.

  1. Keeps everything in one place for functionality and ease

One of the main benefits that comes from using the best knowledge base software is that it brings everything together under one platform. It’s not only a useful resource for your employees to take advantage of but for your customers to do so as well.

Being able to access everything in a more simplified format will help greatly to those who use it and gain knowledge from it. Whether it’s training new employees or helping customers answer questions they have in regards to the business or the products/services you sell.

It’s a flexible tool that allows anyone to distribute the relevant data into this cloud-based platform and to help implement new practices and processes within the business itself. In its core, a knowledge base software provides easy access to information as and when it’s needed.

  1. Improves productivity for your sales agents

According to Go Remotely, the average employee will have around 2 hours and 53 minutes a day of productivity. One of the major stress points for sales agents is the amount of queries and customer support that’s needed on a daily basis. 

With a knowledge base software, it can alleviate some of these pressures by providing a pool of resources that a customer can explore in order to find answers to their questions. With that in place, there’s a lot more that your sales agents can do that will keep things interesting and hopefully improve productivity as a result.

These knowledge base softwares can also provide 24/7 assistance, which means your customers are getting support around the clock. It provides more flexibility as a business.

  1. Helps employees to collaborate and communicate

As a business, there are a lot of moving parts and when it comes to your employees, it can be hard to keep things moving at the right pace and to minimize the chances of miscommunication and error. Collaboration and communication when it comes to your employees is certainly important and something that cannot go without attention.

A knowledge base software can help bring employees together, regardless of who they’re collaborating with, within the business or externally for that matter. It can be a great way of helping employees work together effectively and to ensure that communication is kept up to avoid problems occurring. 

Keeping your staff happy after all, is also a very important part of running any business and for most, should be a priority.

  1. Great for teams working remotely

Remote work has become more necessary for many businesses and is also the foundation for many start-ups and companies that recognize the benefits of working remotely, instead of having an office.

With that though, comes a challenge of ensuring teams are working together and can access real-time documents and files whenever they need to. These knowledge base softwares can be a great way of helping teams work remotely, regardless of whether they’re in the same city or in a different country, thousands of miles away.

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Instead of waiting for team members to log on, employees can simply share the information needed and carry on with their working day. No need to figure out time zones or having to schedule unnecessary meetings that are only going to waste more time.

  1. Makes onboarding employees more efficient 

Any new starters will need a proper onboarding process in place in order to introduce them properly to the company. Efficiency is key when it comes to this introduction and a well-resourced knowledge base can be a great way of helping new starters to learn the ropes.

Adopting the best knowledge management software can be of real help here. You can create an employee handbook or internal knowledge base and give your new hires access to all the information they need right at their fingertips. This turns them independent and efficient right from the start.

The easier and more successful this process can be, the less time will be wasted in going back and training those staff members who need it. 

Having a workforce that knows the business processes inside out, can be really helpful in order to keep consistency across the brand. It can also be a real benefit when it comes to their quality of work and interaction with customers especially when it comes to navigating social media.

Spending more time at the beginning of the employee’s journey with the company, is going to have more benefit in the future.

  1. There’s SEO benefits to take advantage of

Search engine optimization is something that everyone struggles with and it’s taken many SEO experts to try and crack the algorithm when it comes to ranking on the top pages of Google’s search results. 

Companies invest a lot of money in order to better their visibility via Google and a knowledge base software can certainly help to do that. If you’re able to provide the right information that your customers need, then it’s going to really help boost your web pages with the traffic you need to rank higher. 

When creating the data for your knowledge base, try to focus on what your audience needs from you and what they’ll be searching for via these search engines. The more you can cater to your audience’s needs, the better.

  1. Improves customer satisfaction and retention

Providing a good customer experience from start to finish, is essential. If you’re not, then the likelihood of them going elsewhere is pretty high nowadays. For most of us, our expectations when spending money or putting our time and effort into a company is fairly high. 

With a knowledge base software, it provides constant access around the clock, whilst also providing information at the click of a button. The less steps your customers have to take in order to get the answers they’re looking for, the more likely they’ll stay loyal to your company.

Most customers will tend to stick with a business when it’s clearly apparent that the business is spending a lot of time and money invested in customer support and services. That’s where word of mouth can also come about.

  1. Delivers the very best in customer and client support

Focusing on ui and ux is one thing but customer support is also critical to work on. The quality and amount of support that you give each and every one of your customers is essential. If you’re not delivering the best support possible, then it’s going to reflect poorly on your business as a whole.

Sales agents and customer support agents in general, can certainly find it a struggle to maintain customer experience whilst also providing the support that all customers and clients need. The difficulty is catering to those customers in a timely manner and with all the relevant resources that the customer needs.

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There’s nothing worse than having a vague answer to a customer’s query, that does nothing to better their position. Whether that be needing further assistance with a product they’ve bought to learning more about the product prior to buying it.

  1. Helps reduce queries and FAQs

CRMs are great in order to manage the amount of queries that come through on a daily basis. For your agents, a great benefit that comes from a knowledge base software is that it provides all those frequently asked questions that they’re wasting time repeating themselves for. 

By having a database of commonly queried topics, it helps agents to focus on the more complex topics and questions that customers and leads will have. This will only help to expand the potential of more customers and revenue for the business.

In business, the more you can do in order to help manage workloads, the more efficient everything becomes. Make it easier for your agents by having this knowledge base software in place.

  1. Unlimited storage capabilities

Knowledge base softwares is created through cloud computing. Using the cloud has many benefits including the unlimited storage capabilities. Not only does it make everything easily searchable and accessible, you can store data to your heart’s content. That’s something that would be limited if you kept all your information in an office environment. 

You’d quickly run out of space and also, files would be more difficult to find. This software not only provides the collaborative elements you need in business but it can also help scale your business to levels you could only dream of. The possibilities with this type of software are endless, to say the least.

There are many uses for a knowledge base software and so it’s worth investing into a software that is going to help streamline your processes. It will allow you to build relationships with your customers whilst also encouraging more collaboration and engagement between employees too.

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