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Thank You URL

When a customer places an order on your site, they will by default see a page similar to this:

If you're unhappy with the default template, you can make your store display a custom thank you page after your customers place order with just a few clicks.

In your CoreCommerce admin area, hover over Settings in the top right and click on Checkout Settings.  When the page loads, make sure the Checkout tab is selected on the left and scroll down until you see the "When an order is complete, take the customer to" setting.  By default, the "Default Template" option is selected in the drop down.  If you ever want to go back to using the default thank you page, you simply have to come back to this screen, select that option and save.  Here's the default configuration for that option:

To make the store use a custom thank you page, change the "When an order is complete, take the customer to" drop down to "A custom URL".  Once you do that, a couple things will appear on the screen.  You'll see a "URL" input field.  Specify the full URL (i.e. to the custom thank you page you want to use.  You will also see a checkbox titled "Use the custom URL only if certain products are in the order".  If you leave this setting turned off, your custom URL will be used for every order placed in your store.  If you turn it on however, the default template will be used unless the order contains at least one specially marked product.  With the setting on, only orders with these special products will use your custom thank you page.  Here's how the settings section will look like when you setup a custom thank you page:

If you turn the "Use the custom URL only if certain products are in the order" setting on, you will most likely want to mark some products as special so orders containing them will use your custom thank you page.  To do that, edit the product you want to mark as special, go to the Advanced section at the top, make sure the Advanced Options tab is selected on the left and you will see a "This product requires the custom thank you page" checkbox.  Turn that checkbox on and your product will force orders containing it to use your custom thank you page (assuming the rest of the options we discussed above are still configured correctly) after you save it [the product].

Once you flip that switch to the on position, you'll see an additional text field titled "Custom thank you Page ID" appear on the screen.  This is an advanced feature and typically isn't used by most stores.  This field is optional and whatever value you specify in it will be passed as a GET parameter (a value in the URL) to your thank you page.  The GET will only include values for products that have something specified in this input field.  For example, if your custom thank you page URL is and a customer orders 3 products one of which has a "Custom thank you Page ID" of "nkia_e63_rd", another one has a "Custom thank you Page ID" of "sny_ercssn" and the last one has a blank "Custom thank you Page ID", he will be sent to

Note that even though the order had three products, there's only two pieces of information in the URL.  Keep in mind that the "Custom thank you Page ID" will be passed to the thank you page ONLY if the "Use the custom URL only if certain products are in the order" setting is turned on in checkout settings.  This is typically used when a store has custom programming features needed for this ID to be passed.

Here's a sample screen of the fields discussed above on the admin product advanced template: