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So you want to start a store and sell your products online. I hope you choose CoreCommerce, of course, but the purpose of this article is about the design of your site. A simple yet professional design can be key to your store’s success. It’s not the only factor of course, but it can make a difference.

A design that backs up the type of products you sell will give the customer the sense you know what you do and you are an expert in what you sell. For example, if you sell party supplies, you would most likely NOT want a site that is very dark and mysterious. You would want something colorful, happy, and gave the impression you are an expert on how to throw a party and what supplies are needed.

When you are looking for a design, sometimes you can stumble across a premade template that is exactly what you want your site to look like. Other times, you may find a template that just requires a few small changes.

But a lot of times, to get the exact look you want, you want/need something custom to be  built. The good things about a custom design are that you get something unique to your business or company, it tells the story of what your company is about and what types of products you sell, and it shows that you are an EXPERT in your field, giving customers the TRUST to buy from you.

You will see a LOT of sites with very complex designs, that do not sell a THING. Ultra complex designs may LOOK really nice, but if they are too busy, with too many options, customers tend to get overwhelmed and leave your site.

On the other hand, I have seen VERY SIMPLE designs on sites that bring in MILLIONS in dollars every year. So in the end the products you sell will be your bread and butter, but a good looking, but not too busy design can help keep customers on the site long enough to notice your products, and eventually buy from you.

A poorly designed site, can also have a negative impact. If a customer goes to a site that looks like it was slapped together with a spatula, they get the impression you are not serious about what you are selling (back to the whole “EXPERT” concept) and are much LESS willing to trust you with their money.

For example, here is a screenshot of a test site that has no design, no feel to it:


Now you see that there is nothing about this site that gives the customer any indication of what the site sells, what its company is about, how their products are the products the customer should purchase.

Now check this screenshot out:














You can see by viewing this site’s design, its not too busy, simple, yet professional, and you immediately know what types of products this site sells. this type of design allows the customer to know they came to the right place, yet they will not be overwhelmed with too many images, or links to confuse or frustrate them from wanting to buy from you.

So in the end, a good design can go a long way, and a custom one can give your site the unique, and “experty” (yes I made that up) feel you are looking for. Just make sure it tells the story of why you are in business and why customers should buy from you (since you are the expert).

Til next time!

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